‘Yellowstone’: Why Does Jamie Dutton’s Biological Father Look So Familiar?

When Yellowstone debuted in 2018 on the Paramount Network, it quickly became a hit. The cowboy drama, set in Montana, shows a family’s struggles with owning a sprawling ranch. Season 3 ended in August 2020, and fans have waited eagerly for the next installment, which coronavirus (COVID-19) delayed. 

One of the questions in viewers’ minds is about the character Garrett Randall. People want to know what he’s going to do next, but they’re also wondering why the actor looks familiar. It turns out that he’s been around a long time, and this isn’t the first time he’s squared off against Kevin Costner. 

Garrett Randall and ‘Yellowstone’

Will Patton attending the world premier of 'Hammer' at the 2019 Whistler Film Festival
Will Patton of ‘Yellowstone’ | Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Fans of Yellowstone were left in suspense at the end of season 3. The finale left the lives of three characters hanging in the balance. However, the violence of the finale wasn’t the only shock of the season. According to Decider, Jamie Dutton (played by Wes Bentley) found out that he was adopted. This was a stunning revelation, of course, but what he found out next was an even bigger surprise. 

His biological parents were Garrett and Phyllis Randall. Furthermore, Garrett had been convicted of murder for beating Phyllis to death. When Jamie confronted his father, John (played by Costner), he explained that he’d kept the secret to protect Jamie. However, he said that Jamie was free to find Garrett and determine why John wanted to keep him away from his son. 

“You are a resourceful man, so I am sure you can find him, and you can look at his black ****ing heart, his rotten soul. You can look into his eyes, Jamie, and you get to choose. You can choose who you call father.”

When Garrett was introduced into the story, viewers noticed that he looked familiar. Well, there’s a good reason for that. 

Who is Will Patton?

Garrett is played by Will Patton, an actor who has played the villain fighting Costner more than once. In fact, according to IMDb, this is his third time battling a Costner character. 

Patton played a murderer called Scott Pritchard opposite Costner in the 1987 military thriller No Way Out. Then in 1997, he played General Bethlehem in The Postman, again squaring up against Costner. He seems to prefer playing action types, explaining, “I love things where I can be physical, and I so love high stakes, and you usually don’t get that unless you’re doing a play or an action movie.”

However, he does more than just battle Costner in movies. Patton has also played more gentle roles, such as his part in the tender drama Mirai in 2018. He played Paul, a deeply religious farmhand. Additionally, he’s also a prolific narrator of audiobooks, having recorded more than 40 titles. 

Will he be back in season 4?

Anxious fans were relieved when the Paramount Network announced in July that Yellowstone would be back this fall for a fourth season. One of the stars, Cole Hauser, even hinted that season 5 is in the works. 

According to Popculture, Patton will not only return to play Garrett but he’s also been signed on as a series regular for the season. In the last season, he told Jamie that the only way for him to seize control of his family’s enormous ranch is to “kill the king,” that being Jamie’s adoptive father, played by Costner. 

Although Patton has plenty of other opportunities in Hollywood, he’s clearly not done squaring off against Costner just yet. 

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