‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley Describes 1 Season 4 Scene as an ‘Out of Body Experience’ (Exclusive)


  • Yellowstone star Wes Bentley was already a big fan of Will Patton before he joined the show.
  • Patton had never seen the show before Taylor Sheridan approached him about the job.
  • Bentley says one of his season 4 scenes with Patton was an “out of body experience.”
Yellowstone star Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton in season 4
Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton in an exclusive image from season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’ | Paramount

Yellowstone season 3 revealed that Jamie (Wes Bentley) was not the biological son of John Dutton (Kevin Costner). This revelation completely changed the Dutton family dynamic. And it put Jamie on a mission to find his real father — Garrett Randall (Will Patton).

That storyline will continue in season 4, as Patton has been promoted to a series regular. Bentley is so thrilled to be working with the veteran actor that he described one season 4 scene they shot together as “an out of body experience.”

Will Patton hadn’t seen ‘Yellowstone’ when Taylor Sheridan offered him the job

Patton told Express that when Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan initially contacted him and offered him a job, he had not seen any episodes of the neo-western. After he checked out the top-rated cable drama, Patton says he immediately accepted the part of Garrett Randall.

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“I love the whole cowboy thing. I love that. It makes me happy to be in it. And (it’s) kind of phenomenal that Taylor writes, directs (and) edits – he’s something, the way he sort of like controls every element of that thing,” Patton said. “So I was extremely impressed in what he was pulling off and it has that kind of beautiful cinematography, for TV especially.”

Wes Bentley was already a big fan of Will Patton

Bentley told Showbiz Cheat Sheet exclusively that Patton is one of those “dream actors” who he’s always admired and identified with, long before they started working together on Yellowstone.

“I like the intensity he brought to stuff, and I liked the depths he’s willing to go inside someone. And I identified with that as an actor. I always wanted to work with him, always a talent,” Bentley said.

The ‘Yellowstone’ star describes 1 season 4 scene as an ‘out of body experience’

The Yellowstone star recalled that he ran into Patton at a casting office before he would have known who he was. Bentley says that he couldn’t help but praise Patton and tell him how great he thought he was.

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“I don’t do that. It’s not like it’s not what I do. So, it really meant a lot to do scenes with him as. It was amazing. We did one day, we did one scene and it was just all out. By the end of it, I felt like I was floating. Like an out-of-body experience,” Bentley revealed. “That was such a full and complete experience that it left me feeling like that.”

Wes Bentley has learned a lot from Kevin Costner

Bentley says that his experience working with Costner is less intense than working with Patton. But, after being on set with the series’ lead and executive producer for three seasons, Bentley acknowledges that he’s learned a lot from the Oscar-winning filmmaker.

“I learned a lot from Kevin having a relationship with timing and with the camera,” Bentley said. “He’s a filmmaker, so it’s great to watch him and his relationship to a camera. And I learn a lot like that and from him as a man. He’s a great family man.”

Do Jamie Duttons two dads go to war in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4?

Season 3 ended with John Dutton left for dead on the side of the road after getting shot by an unknown assailant. But there have been hints that he will make it to season 4. Including one of the promos that ends with Garrett saying “we’re at war, you and me.” Which many fans believe is directed at John.

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In the season 4 trailer, Garrett says, “Fair. Moral. Those are words men invented to scare and shame other men from taking back what they’ve stolen.” Both of these clips have fans believing that when the new season arrives, Jamie’s two dads will be facing off.

Yellowstone season 4 kicks off with a special two-hour event on Sunday, November 7 on the Paramount Network.