‘Yellowstone’ When Will the Show Come Back on TV? Season 4 Looms

Ever since the Season 3 finale premiered back in August 2020, Yellowstone fans have been begging for more episodes of the show. For months, fans of the Paramount drama were left to speculate about when Season 4 would potentially premiere. Now, however, we finally know when Yellowstone is coming back on TV.

Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner will return in the Yellowstone season 4 premiere
Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner is a shot from ‘Yellowstone’ | Paramount

Yellowstone first premiered on Paramount back in August of 2018. Starring huge names like Kevin Costner, the drama series centers around the border conflicts of a cattle ranch. Throughout the show, viewers get to know the Dutton family and the interesting dynamics that are present within the family. The show also shows conflicts between land developers and a nearby Native reservation.

Kevin Costner, gushes about ‘Yellowstone’ creator, Taylor Sheridan

There are plenty of things that make Yellowstone such a popular show. However, most fans will agree that the writing is a key part of what makes the show such a success. In fact, even the cast is in awe of the writing. In an interview with Gold Derby, Costner (who plays the lead role of John Dutton) gushed about Yellowstone creator and writer, Taylor Sheridan.

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“Obviously, when you create a melodrama, you have to have things that are very heightened,” Costner shared about Yellowstone. “But when you do that well, and I think Taylor [Sheridan] does that really well in his writing, he really heightens situations, and the dialogue is sharp and clever and you put that against the imagery that we somehow lost contact with, that these places still exist. These mountains are not going anywhere and they’re so beautiful and this land is worth fighting for. It plays with people, running rivers, running horses, freedom, defend what’s yours. That’s playing into a certain psyche for sure.”

The lead cast member is enamored with the writing of the show

Continuing on, the Yellowstone star revealed that Sheridan has truly created a complex array of characters through his writing. “I think he’s a wordsmith, and they have a lot of heart and there’s a lot of humor that can come out of it,” the actor revealed. “There’s a shock value to a lot of it. He’s saying things subconsciously that a lot of people would like to say. He creates worthy opponents so that there’s not one person smarter than the rest and everybody else is dumb and become conveniences to knock down. I think he’s created a nice chess game going back and forth between the people and he loves that world.”

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When is the show coming back on TV?

Fans of Yellowstone certainly agree with Costner and often praise the writing of the show. In fact, they are hoping to see more complexity and conflict in Season 4. But when exactly will the upcoming season premiere? On August 20, the Yellowstone social media accounts revealed exactly when the show will come back on TV.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 release date has been announced

“This is not a drill!” the caption of the Instagram post read. “YellowstoneTV season 4 premieres November 7, 2021.” It seems the fans need only wait a few more months before they can officially check back in with the Dutton family. We’re sure diehard fans are counting the days.