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Yellowstone Season 5 has been in production in Montana since early spring. And the stars of Taylor Sheridan’s neo-western have been keeping fans up-to-date on what’s going on behind the scenes via their respective social media feeds. However, one star has been oddly quiet — Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstrom). And that got us wondering: will he really be part of Yellowstone Season 5?

Jefferson White’s Jimmy Hurdstrom has been part of the Yellowstone cast since season 1
Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom | Paramount

Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Admits He’s ‘Given Up on Guessing’ Where Taylor Sheridan Will Go With the Story Next

‘Yellowstone’ star Kevin Costner is a busy man in 2022

In addition to being the lead actor on the highest-rated show on television, Yellowstone star Kevin Costner (John Dutton) has another huge project in the works. He’s producing and starring in the western epic Horizon, which has turned into four movies that will be released in three-month intervals in 2023. 

Costner has also been on tour with his band Modern West. And he participated in the second annual Field of Dreams baseball game that the MLB hosted in Iowa.

The two-time Oscar winner has been keeping fans up-to-date with all of his projects via Instagram.  In early August, he shared an interview that he did with his Yellowstone co-stars from Montana’s Bitterroot Valley talking about the art of a good western.

Kelly Reilly missed filming Montana

The break between filming seasons 4 and 5 of Yellowstone was well over a year due to the pandemic. So when British actress Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) finally made it back to Montana to start season 5, she was extremely excited.

Reilly doesn’t post very often to her Instagram. But when she does, she shares some breathtaking images from Big Sky Country.

“Lily of the valley made it from my garden today to this beautiful valley in Montana . I have missed these mountains so much, this cast and crew and of course her…” Reilly shared in May when she finally got back on set.

“The perfect morning,” Reilly wrote in the caption of an August 9 post that featured her with a dog and two unknown girls enjoying the Montana views.

She also shared a pic from horseback at the Chief Joseph Ranch, introducing her 587K followers to her horse Athena. And, she shared a rare photo of her real-life husband Kyle Baugher.

Jefferson White has been oddly quiet — no Instagram posts since the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 finale

It was announced earlier this year that Jefferson White would be back as Jimmy Hurdstrom in Yellowstone Season 5. At the same time, it was revealed that Kathryn Kelly — who plays Jimmy’s fiancée, Emily — had been promoted to series regular.

But this casting announcement left many fans scratching their heads because Yellowstone Season 4 ended with Jimmy and Emily choosing to return to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas

To make things even more confusing, White — who hosts The Official Yellowstone Companion Podcast and has a very active history on social media — hasn’t posted on Instagram since the day after the Yellowstone Season 4 finale aired: January 3. 

Before that day, White posted almost daily from the set of Yellowstone. He even had a Super8 camera that he would use to film behind-the-scenes videos and post clips. But suddenly, White went radio silent and fans haven’t heard from him in eight months.

Is it possible that the casting announcement was a mislead, and White and Kelly will be starring in the spinoff 6666? Fans will have to wait and see.

Forrie J. Smith shares clips from the bunkhouse

Forrie J. Smith plays senior ranch hand Lloyd Pierce on Yellowstone, and the real-life cowboy loves to share photos from the bunkhouse. His page is absolutely covered in Yellowstone images and posts from the rodeo. And he’s been posting regularly all year long.

As we scrolled through his page, we came across one photo from July 13 that featured Jefferson White and Jen Landon (Teeter). However, it wasn’t taken on the set of Yellowstone. Instead, the trio was making an appearance at the Tractor Supply convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Denim Richards is ready to ‘go to work’ on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

Denim Richards — who plays ranch hand Colby Mayfield — returned to the Yellowstone set for season 5 in early May. On May 4, he posted a few pics from the Chief Joseph Ranch that included Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), Ian Bohen (Ryan), Josh Lucas (young John Dutton), Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton), and Hassie Harrison (Laramie).

“I know them from somewhere??,” Richards wrote in the caption. 

Since then, Richards has been posting regularly from Montana — especially on “Mission Mondays.” Every week, Richards posts about things like self-love, motivation, and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Jen Landon has been promoted to series regular for season 5

Another fan favorite, Jen Landon aka Teeter, was busy during the Yellowstone break filming her other series FBI: Most Wanted on CBS. She posted from the set of that show until March, then she took a break until July. And that’s when Yellowstone fans got to see Landon back on the Dutton ranch.

“My favorite thing about my job is how we get to live during our downtime,” Landon wrote in the caption of a pic that featured her braiding her horse’s mane. 

In early August, her Yellowstone co-star Finn Little (Carter) snapped a photo of Landon when she was leaving work. In the caption, she said he caught her “looking like a toddler with ADHD.”

‘Yellowstone’ star Cole Hauser brought his family to Montana

Cole Hauser’s social media following has exploded in recent years thanks to his portrayal of Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone. He now has over 1.2 million Instagram followers, and he is posting more than ever before. 

While filming season 5, Hauser has been sharing photos from Montana that feature his wife — actress Cynthia Daniel Hauser — and the three kids that they share. The couple has been married since 2006, and they share two sons and a daughter.

Hauser has also been posting plenty of pics from the Yellowstone set with him in character as  Rip Wheeler. In one photo, the Good Will Hunting alum is on horseback enjoying the “peace and serenity in the mountains of Montana.”

In another, Hauser is “pushin’ cows in the Big Hole” — an activity he described as “just a slice of heaven.”

Yellowstone Season 5 premieres Sunday, November 13 on the Paramount Network.