‘You’: Forty Possibly Hinted That Love Quinn Was Hiding Another Major Secret Fans Could See in Season 3

It’s no secret that Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) on Netflix’s You are two of the most disturbed people to ever fall in love on television. At least, in recent years. Their story had twists and turns, and Love’s deviant nature wasn’t plain for all to see at first. 

But there’s a theory that Forty Quinn (James Scully), her brother, actually hinted at another dark secret Love’s hiding. If it’s true, what does this mean for their quaint, little family? 

Forty Quinn might not have known Love Quinn killed their au pair

Netflix's 'YOU' starring VICTORIA PEDRETTI as LOVE QUINN and PENN BADGLEY as JOE GOLDBERG in episode 302

One user posted a Reddit theory titled “Forty Doesn’t Know” back in January of 2020. In it, they lay out a theory basically explaining that Forty says he knows “everything” in the finale when he confronts Joe, absolutely livid over the fact that Love is with the man that killed Beck. He also says he “tip-toed around” what happened with the au pair their whole lives. 

However, this contradicts something that he said earlier to Joe while they were tripping on acid. 

“Forty confesses that he killed the au pair to Joe,” the user wrote. “If Forty knew ‘all along’ that Love was the real murderer, why would he confess that?”

It all could just be some convoluted confession from a high-off-his-rocker Forty and he does actually know Love killed his au pair. Maybe in his head, especially while on acid, if he never fell in love with Sofia (even though he was groomed and none of it was his fault), Love wouldn’t have “had” to kill her. He still doesn’t blame or hold ill will toward his sister, even though he knows she did it. After everything, he still blames himself.

So… what is Love’s big secret?

But in this Reddit theory, the user suggests that Forty did actually believe he killed the au pair himself after all these years, as the Quinn family intended, and that he knew some other deep, dark secret Love was hiding. 

“When Forty is saying he knew all along–maybe he was actually talking about something else f*cked up that Love did (that we don’t know about)?” they wrote. “That would really leave the door open for us to discover a new secret about Love in season 3 (although unfortunately, Forty won’t be around to out her for whatever it is).”

If Forty’s big “I know everything” line wasn’t talking about the au pair situation, the Reddit user suggested that the line was referring to another popular fan theory. You know, the one where Love killed her late husband

“I think it could be possible (but unlikely) that she murdered her first husband,” the original poster wrote. “Maybe that would be too predictable. Plus there are quite a few details that make sense in regards to him being sick.”

Another Reddit user wrote that, in addition to her being a chef and so intertwined with her husband’s food and health, the theory grows stronger when you couple it with what happened after Joe didn’t eat her muffin at one point. 

“She immediately goes to ‘he’s accusing me of poison’, while Joe doesn’t mention poison or anything like that at all,” the user commented. “I think it might be telling that that where her mind went immediately.”

It’s possible that, if this is true, fans could see it play out in Season 3


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If Forty did have dirt on his sister, and she did do something more sinister hiding in the shadows, it could come to light in Season 3. 

Love Quinn has shown, time and again, that her biggest concern in life is her family. But nothing trumps flesh and blood for her. So when her husband wouldn’t agree to give her that blood family she wanted (aka kids), maybe she decided to get what she wanted anyway by getting rid of him and starting new with someone else. 

Audiences have already seen how she explains away her horrible actions, like with Delilah. All the way down to murdering someone innocent, if they’re in the way of her happy ending, she’ll cut them out. Now, would she do that to someone she loved? It’s hard to say, but considering Joe would, and they seem to be cut from the same cloth, anything’s possible. 

So whether it’s poisoning her first husband or something else, nothing seems off-limits for Love Quinn. Now she’s a mother and only time will tell if that will change her (hint: probably not).