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You is one of the most popular TV shows of the past several years. The psychological crime drama series first debuted on Lifetime in September 2018, and quickly gained a large fan following. The show eventually moved to Netflix, where it continued to grow in popularity.

These days, with news that the series has been renewed for a fourth season, more viewers than ever are discovering You, and diving deep into the twisted world that the show depicts.

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in 'You' Season 3
‘You’ Season 3 stars, Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti | Netflix

Notably, many fans are wondering just how many people Joe Goldberg has killed over the past three seasons. *Warning* – spoilers ahead for Season 3 of You

How many people did Joe kill?

Viewers were first introduced to Joe Goldberg as a bookstore manager and serial killer who develops an obsession with a young woman named Guinevere Beck. Even in the first season of You, Joe was racking up a serious body count.

The first major death attributed to Joe was Benji, Guinevere’s former boyfriend. Joe lures Benji to his library basement trap and keeps him there for several days before killing him and burning his body in the woods.

Joe’s second kill was Peach Salinger, Guinevere’s good friend. Joe shot her and staged her death as a suicide when she started getting a little bit too curious about Joe’s past.

Elijah Thornton’s death was shown in a Season 1 flashback, revealing that Joe killed Elijah in a fit of rage, pushing him off of a building. In the first season, Joe is also responsible for the deaths of Ron, stabbing him in the neck, and finally, murdering Guinevere, the object of his obsession.

The second season of You features even more death, with Joe disposing of Jasper and Henderson Bunter. The second season of the show also features a new flashback, this one detailing how a much-younger Joe killed his mother’s abuser.

In season 3, Joe kills Ryan Goodwin, the ex of one of his obsessions. In the season finale, Joe finally kills his wife, Love. By end of Season 3, according to Newsweek, Joe has killed a total of 10 people. 

How many people has Love killed?

Joe’s wife, Love, has her own issues and in the second season, fans begin to see a new side of the seemingly sweet woman. She kills Delilah when the woman threatens to expose Joe’s secret, and Candace Stone, shoving a broken bottle through her neck.

She also kills Natalie Engler, the newest subject of Joe’s obsessions. Viewers learn early on that when Love was a child, she killed a nanny who was sexually abusing her brother.

Finally, Love is responsible for the death of her husband James, drugging him with wolfsbane. By the end of Season 3, Love had killed a total of five people.

Both Joe and Love are equally responsible for Gil’s death


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While both Joe and Love kill a lot of people individually, they also share responsibility for Gil’s death. After all, Joe and Love knock him out and move him to the book vault before dropping some painful truth bombs on him. After they tell Gil that his young son has been assaulting girls, Gil hangs himself in the glass cage.

Joe and Love then move his body to his house and stage a fake suicide for him – making both of them equally at fault for the man’s death.

At the end of the third season of You, Joe has at least five more kills to his name than Love does. However, the upcoming fourth season of You might feature more flashbacks, ones that reveal either character might have killed more people in the past.