‘You, Me & My Ex’: Meet the Cast of the New TLC Series

TLC is bringing you another show about extreme relationships. The network that’s the home of Extreme Sisters, Seeking Sister Wife, and sMothered has a new show about people who are ultra-close with their exes, including a lesbian couple who want one woman’s ex-husband to father their baby, a woman whose new boyfriend might not be over his ex-boyfriend, and a divorced husband and wife who are sharing a home with his new girlfriend. 

You, Me & My Ex premieres June 20. Let’s meet the cast.

Jerry, Kayee Lovey, and Jessica

Kaylee Lovey, Jerry and Jessica from 'You, Me & My Ex' on blue background
Kayee Lovey, Jerry, and Jessica from You, Me & My Ex | TLC

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Jessica and Jerry might be divorced, but they’re still living and raising their children together in the same house. But things get complicated when Jerry’s new girlfriend Kayee Lovey — who is around the age of his oldest son — moves in, which puts his relationship with both women to the test.

“We all live as one big happy family,” Jerry insists. But it doesn’t sound like there’s any love lost between Kayee Lovey and Jessica. 

“That b*tch was so disrespectful with her looks, it made me feel like, ‘B*tch, I can’t even be nice to you. Like fake nice, even?’” Kayee Lovey says in a trailer for the show.   

Jimmy, Wendy, Lisa, and Jack 

Jimmy and Lisa are divorced, but still consider themselves best friends. But Lisa’s past relationship with Jimmy is causing problems with her fiancé, Jack. Meanwhile, Jimmy’s wife Wendy thinks Lisa is jealous of her. And from the sound of things, Lisa hasn’t exactly let go of her former husband. 

“I will always be Jimmy’s first love,” Lisa says in the trailer. “And Wendy will always be his second wife.”

Josh, Danielle, Jennifer, and Chantel 

Relationships Are Complicated | You, Me, & My Ex

Relationships can be complicated, especially when your partner's ex is still around… Don't miss the series premiere of #YouMeAndMyEx Sunday, June 20 at 10/9c!

Posted by TLC on Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Josh and Jennifer were married for five years before getting divorced. He moved on with Danielle, who got pregnant soon after they started dating. Meanwhile, Jennifer fell for (and ultimately married) her co-worker Chantel. Josh and Jennifer have remained friendly for the sake of their son. But now, Jennifer and Chantel want a baby of their own, and they’ve enlisted Josh to make it happen. 

“We are definitely not sister wives,” Jennifer clarifies in the trailer. “But my ex-husband’s sperm is in my wife.”

Alex, Caroline, and Stephen 

Alex and Caroline met at work, where Caroline would often give advice to him about his rocky relationship with his boyfriend Stephen. Eventually, Alex and Stephen broke up, and Alex went from Caroline’s friend to her boyfriend. But Stephen isn’t exactly out of the picture. Plus, Alex and Caroline have to deal with people who don’t understand his fluid sexuality.

John, April, Loren, and Roy   

Loren and John and April and Roy were neighbors. Both marriages were going through a rocky period, and April and John ended up falling in love. The development blindsided their spouses, and eventually, both couples got divorced. But despite splitting up, Roy and April are still close — at one point, they get matching tattoos — much to John’s dismay. He and April are ready to get married, and they want their exes at the ceremony. But is that a good idea?  

You, Me & My Ex premieres Sunday, June 20 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.