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The psychological thriller You aired on Lifetime for its first season before moving to Netflix for its subsequent seasons. You enjoyed a massive viewership with its second season ending with a significant cliffhanger about the main characters and their new journeys in life. Now, You Season 3 is on the way.

Ever since the second season wrapped up in 2020, fans have provided various theories about where the third season will take the characters. One such theory suggests Penn Badgley’s Joe and Love (Victoria Pedretti) might be headed for a self-induced doom.

‘You’ Season 2 picked up with Joe turning over a new leaf

Love (Victoria Pedretti) and Joe (Penn Badgley) in 'You' Season 2
Love (Victoria Pedretti) and Joe (Penn Badgley) in ‘You’ Season 2 | Beth Dubber/Netflix

When viewers first met Joe in You Season 1, he’s trying to start his new life in New York. Joe’s move to the city was prompted by the fact that he had killed his ex-girlfriend. He was looking to turn over a new leaf. This included finding a new girlfriend, Guinevere Beck. In the end, Joe kills Beck after she finds out the truth about his murderous streak.

In the second season, Joe moves (yet again) to start fresh after killing Beck. He meets and falls in love with a wealthy girl, Love Quinn. Love is portrayed differently from Beck. She is confident, secure, and seems committed to Joe and their relationship almost right away.

Joe quickly becomes obsessed with Love. But he manages to keep his violent, controlling nature at bay. He also undergoes significant character development as he begins to dig deeper into what molded him into the serial killer he is and tries to heal.

Viewers later learn that Joe’s mother, Sandy, was a victim of abuse throughout his childhood. This relationship ended in Sandy killing her partner. You Season 2 also gives Joe a more humane side as he prevents his neighbor from falling into the arms of a predator.

What about the major cliffhanger?

At the end of the season, Joe is hit with a blast from the past. His ex-girlfriend Candace who viewers learn survived Joe’s attack prior to season 1. She tries to out him and finally traps him in his own kill box. Love finds him. And in a shocking twist, we learn that she’s a lot like Joe. Love kills Candace and reveals she had planted herself in Joe’s life and not the other way around.

With Love’s confession about how she got Joe’s attention, he is rightfully frightened. Perhaps he sees himself through Love’s eyes and actions. He begs her to turn him in, but she refuses. Joe opts to kill Love as she knows too much, and she might be his undoing. However, Love drops yet another bombshell. She appeals to Joe, announcing her pregnancy, and he spares her life.

Viewers will learn more about Love in ‘You’ Season 3

The second season wrapped up with Joe and Love moving to the suburbs. In true Joe fashion, he finds someone else to obsess over. Although Love was given a good storyline in season 2, You’s showrunners want to delve deeper into her backstory and what makes her tick.

The You Season 3 teaser trailer sets Love for a more powerful story moving forward, helping viewers learn more about her through her perspective. And that could involve making an enemy of Joe. “Even Joe says, pretty unequivocally, that they’re not soulmates,” Badgley told TVLine. “He’s afraid of her at the end. Basically, it’s set up for Season 3 in a way where they would be each other’s arch nemesis.”

Some Redditors theorized that Love might be taking over in You Season 3. And instead of killing the next-door neighbor, she might actually kill Joe. One fan reasoned that killing the girl might be too predictable, so the writers might set it up in a way that lets Love take the reins to protect herself and her child by doing away with Joe.

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