‘You’ Season 3 Trailer Reveals Joe Has a New Object of Obsession

Netflix released the first official trailer for the highly anticipated third season of You. Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) has moved to the suburbs with his newborn son Henry and wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). Joe is ready to start a new life with his family, but a new neighbor moves in next door and becomes the object of his deadly obsession. 

‘You’ Season 3 is filled with new secrets and lies

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In the trailer, Love gives birth to their son, Henry. To clarify, Love and Joe were in a relationship throughout the second season. They formed an emotional bond, leading Love to become pregnant with Joe’s child

So, in an effort to “start over,” they move to a suburban town in Northern California to start the next chapter of their lives. Despite his distrust in Love, Joe is willing to change his life for Henry because fatherhood is “changing” him. 

As they get settled into their new home, Joe narrates: “I’ve always believed in The One. For you, I’d move to some soulless suburb. For you, I’d marry the monster. Your mother, Love. What could go wrong?” 

The couple appears to be average next-door neighbors, but they are far from the perfect husband and wife. In other words, Joe is fearful of Love’s dangerous impulses, and Joe’s obsessive tendencies threaten to resurface at the arrival of a new neighbor. 

One Tree Hill star Michaela McManus will play Joe’s new neighbor, Natalie. She becomes the latest object of Joe’s obsession. He becomes enthralled with her, and Love takes notice. Soon, their perfect facade comes crashing down when a dead body surfaces. Now, the couple must cover up their crimes and avoid suspicion. 

Who is joining the cast for season 3?

Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg stand outside the glass cage and look at each other in season 3 of 'You.'
Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley in ‘You’ Season 3 | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

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Alongside familiar faces like Badgley and Pedretti, a plethora of new characters appear in You Season 3. NCIS star Shalita Grant plays Sherry, a “mom-influencer” who welcomes Love into her clique. Shannon Chan-Kent joins as Kiki, a life coach and close friend to Sherry. Meanwhile, Patriots Day star Chris O’Shea portrays Andrew, a stay-at-home dad. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Tati Gabrielle plays Marienne, a librarian suspicious of Joe’s motives. Other cast members include Ben Mehl, Dylan Arnold, Mackenzie Astin, Ayelet Zurer, Jack Fisher, and Scott Michael Foster.

In addition, Jack Fisher plays young Joe Goldberg. He will appear in flashbacks that center around Joe’s troubled childhood. 

When is ‘You’ Season 3 returning to Netflix?

Penn Badgley wears a jean jacket over a blue shirt as Joe Goldberg in 'You'
Penn Badgley in ‘You’ | Netflix

The first season of You follows the narrative of the 2014 novel of the same name, written by Caroline Kepnes. When the series premiered on Lifetime in 2018, the show attracted a small audience. However, You became a huge success on Netflix. 

The Lifetime network dropped the psychological thriller series, and it found a home on the streaming giant – the second season centers around the follow-up novel, Hidden Bodies. The third season follows the third book installment titled You Love Me. 

Showrunner Sera Gamble and creator Greg Berlanti return as executive producers for season 3, alongside Michael Foley, Leslie Morgenstein, Gina Girolamo, and Sarah Schechter.

You Season 3 premiers on Netflix on Oct. 15.