You Won’t Believe This Creepy Theory About Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Daughter

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are famous celebrity parents, with a beautiful home, a happy family, and seemingly unending wealth. Although the couple does occasionally do controversial things, they have overcome every obstacle put in their path with relative ease and a heaping helping of cool. Still, it is possible that West and Kardashian’s family life is too perfect – and a year ago, some fans on Reddit laid out a bizarre theory that could certainly help explain how charmingly flawless their youngest daughter, Chicago West, appears. 

Some fans believed that Kylie Jenner was carrying Kim Kardashian’s baby

Kylie Jenner Christmas
Kylie Jenner | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Kardashian carried her first two children with West on her own but had notoriously difficult pregnancies. In fact, she suffered from a condition called placenta accreta, which causes the placenta to become deeply embedded into the uterus so that it cannot be separated after delivery of the baby.

The condition can also cause infertility and other serious health issues. This was an issue with the couple because they very much wanted to have a large family.

When Kardashian and West announced in 2017 that they were expecting a third child and that the baby would be carried by a gestational surrogate, the rumor mill started working in overtime. Many fans speculated that Kardashian’s much-younger sister, Kylie Jenner, was actually Kardashian’s surrogate.

The rumors were fueled by the fact that Jenner was seemingly pregnant, but not willing to confirm or speak about her pregnancy. As it turned out, Jenner was carrying her daughter with Travis Scott.

Kardashian herself slammed the rumor by revealing that she and West had gone through an agency in order to find their gestational surrogate. In January 2018, their daughter, Chicago West was born. 

The far-out theory about Chicago West

Chicago West is undoubtedly a beautiful baby. Many fans have stated that they believe Chicago West looks the most like Kardashian, out of all the children in the family.

Still, some fans on Reddit have pointed out some disturbing connections. The original poster on Reddit claimed that Chicago West is actually “an AI robot/ doll created by Donda (Kanye’s company).” The theory might seem incredibly bizarre, but it is lent weight by the fact that West has historically been very interested in tech advances and has devoted lots of time and resources to develop his tech company. 

The poster also stated that Chicago West often seems expressionless, doesn’t frequently talk, and doesn’t like to be cuddled or held very often — based on videos shared on Kim Kardashian’s social media pages.

While a few people commented on the thread stating that the theory was “ridiculous,” many more said that they could see it happening and that if Chicago West is, in fact, a very advanced robot, they wouldn’t be surprised.

Kim Kardashian has never addressed the theory about Chicago West

Although Kardashian was quick to slam the idea that Kylie Jenner wasn’t her surrogate, she has remained silent on the notion that her youngest daughter, Chicago West, is a robot. This could be because she has never heard the theory, which is unlikely, considering that social media and understanding the internet is part of her job. Or because the theory is so outlandish that she doesn’t want to engage in giving it the time of day.

Certainly, she has been supportive of her husband in everything that he has done, and it seems likely that she would go along with almost anything that he suggested. Even if the theory initially seems very disturbing, in the land of Hollywood and celebrity culture, anything is possible.