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YouTube makeup guru, NikkieTutorials, is one of the most popular YouTubers, specializing in empowering makeup looks and positive videos for her fans. But recently she and her fiancé were robbed in their home. And Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials) spoke out about it for the first time on her channel. 

Nikkie de Jager at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 Runway Show at Park Avenue Armory on Sept. 11, 2019 in New York City.
Nikkie de Jager at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 Runway Show at Park Avenue Armory on Sept. 11, 2019 in New York City | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

NikkieTutorials and her fiancé were robbed at gunpoint at home

On Aug. 8, de Jager posted an Instagram with text that stated “one of [her] biggest nightmares became reality.” She and her fiancé Dylan Drossaers were robbed at gunpoint in their home. At the time, she wrote that “physically,” they were alright. But, of course, mentally they weren’t. 

She asked that fans be understanding as they sort things out, and on Aug. 16, she posted her first video since the attack titled, “Letting you know I’m okay… Makeup Therapy.”

De Jager started off like a seemingly regular video but broke down a bit in the beginning. Drossaers can be heard off-camera telling the beauty guru in Dutch, “Whatever happens, happens. Let those emotions free, and start again when you feel ready. Just take it easy.”

She then touched on the incident.

“A couple of days ago, Dylan and I were part of one of my worst nightmares — we were robbed at gunpoint at our own home,” de Jager said. “Even though I can’t tell you too much, because there’s still a very ongoing investigation, I do wanna let you know that I’m OK.”

De Jager talked about how the tragedy put more things into perspective

The majority of her video consisted of “Makeup Therapy,” which was to help de Jager get through this tough time. She explained how makeup is her outlet and makes her happy even when things aren’t great. She ended up creating a fun, bright look to match one of those popular Barbie Color Reveal Dolls. 

But before she did, de Jager said that it was “one of those worst nightmares come true” which made it all more “surreal.”

“It also puts a lot of things in perspective,” de Jager said. “Now, more than ever, you realize that family is everything. And being in good health is even more important.”


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She said that she can’t speak about everything right now, for her sake but also for legal reasons. De Jager said she and her fiancé are trying to follow all the rules so that this can be resolved. 

“I’m not gonna lie, it is so hard,” de Jager said. “It is gonna take a lot of time for Dylan and myself and our family and friends to grow from this and to keep going with life, even though life does not hold back.”

NikkieTutorials has had a tough year; she came out as trans due to a blackmail attempt

NikkieTutorials started off 2020 in a rough spot, sooner than a lot of people. On Jan. 13, de Jager posted a YouTube video coming out as transgender, which wasn’t something she had ever shared with fans in her decade-long relationship with YouTube. 

Coming out is typically a moment of celebration, however the circumstances under which de Jager came out weren’t. She revealed in that YouTube video that someone attempted to blackmail her secret. So she revealed the secret on YouTube — her being trans — to “take back her power.” 

After that, and the armed robbery in her home, she also revealed in her latest video that one of her best friends, Linda Hakeboom, was diagnosed with breast cancer. De Jager got emotional again, wondering “When is it enough?” But she did leave it on a positive note. 

“Life is really unfair, but it is up to us to keep fighting every single second of the day.”