Yvonne Orji Shares Her Own Insecurities as an Actor While Filming ‘Insecure’ – ‘I Thought I Was Getting Fired’

Insecure fans are anxiously awaiting the fifth and final season of the show. While the cast recently filmed the final episode and shared the rollercoaster of emotions they felt in the process, Yvonne Orji is also reflecting on her journey to becoming Molly Carter. In a new interview, Orji explains joining the cast as a new actor and how she lacked confidence during much of filming the first season.

Yvonne Orji
Yvonne Orji 2017 | Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for HBO

Yvonne Orji says ‘Insecure’ was her first real role and details challenges as a new actor

Before landing her role on Insecure, Orji was busy trying to get her own online show greenlit for television. But she jumped at the chance to audition for Insecure despite her minimal acting experience.

“I had no agent, no manager and I barely took two or three acting classes and I was just grinding,” Orji told Entertainment Tonight about going out for the role of Molly Carter on Insecure. “I did five auditions to get to that moment and then it was like, ‘They for real told me? Like for real it was me? I did it? And oh my god!'”

Despite landing the role, Orji says she lacked confidence because of being a newbie.

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“I thought I was getting fired week one to [now] season 4, I’m getting Emmy nominated?! It’s like the process continues no matter how good you think you are in the beginning, [life] always has more to uncover and evolve you,” she said. 

Luckily, she had Issa Rae, her co-star turned friend, to help coach her through. “I learned so much from Issa when Issa’s not even saying anything, you know what I mean. She’s very specific in what she wants and there’s nothing accidental about her. [Rae] is very specific and just very intentional with how she envisions things. She’s also very gracious. Like, there’s so many of us that have been given a chance beyond just what it is that we are doing on the show.”

What Yvonne Orji hopes fans will get out of the final season of ‘Insecure’

While Orji is sad that the show is coming to an end, she is excited for fans to see a final season featuring closure for the characters fans love so much. Orji is hopeful for resolution with her on-screen BFF Issa, as they were not in the best place at the close of season 4.

“That is what I would hope [for Issa and Molly to reunite for good], you know, but life is messy,” Orji admits. “You just have to watch and see, and see what relationships last and don’t. And sometimes with life, there’s some that don’t…What I can say is life is messy and situations are complicated.”

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Still, she says there will be many twists and turns, telling ET. “We go through so much. It’s possible that we may travel through time. We go through a lot. We go through some generations. We go through 10 episodes, they all might not be an hour long, but you see an evolution. You are able to see the evolution of the characters, you’re able to hopefully get some answers. Y’all be wanting the answers, boy, and I hope y’all like the answers.”

Season 5 of Insecure has not been given an official premiere date.