Zac Posen Knew Kim Kardashian Would Be ‘the Biggest Star in the World’

Designer Zac Posen was reading the tea leaves when he predicted that Kim Kardashian would be the “biggest star in the world.” Posen brought Kardashian to her first Vogue event when she was younger, causing a scandal.

But he knew Kardashian was special. And he also knew her appearance was only the beginning of something much bigger.

Zac Posen knew Kim Kardashian would be a star

Posen said he knew Kardashian would become a force in fashion. “I saw that way before, you know, and I mean, that was its own,” he said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

Zac Posen and Kim Kardashian attended the Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2010 and pose for a photo
Zac Posen and Kim Kardashian |MARC DIMOV /Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

“I brought Kim, to her first Vogue event. And that was … you know, it was like scandal,” he said.

“And I was like, well, she’s like the biggest one of the biggest stars in the world,” he recalled his reaction to people being shocked he brought the young Kardashian to an event. “I remember saying she’s actually really smart, really ambitious. Like she was everything that you guys believe in. Whether that’s the image is not how you feel like what’s cool or present herself, we’ll look at it. I mean, I think the way that her role right now, like with Balenciaga is really kind of interesting. And it is definitely mutually beneficial and being done really smartly.”

Kim Kardashian is a fashion force in her own right, Zac says

Feeling that Kardashian would become a fashion icon in her own right, Posen introduced Kardashian to all the fashion greats. “And I introduced her to Karl Lagerfeld and, you know, he looked at her and said like, oh my God, it’s like Nefertiti and you know, wanted to take her photo. And that was it,” he recalled.

While Posen introduced Kardashian to Vogue during those early days, he doesn’t think he is responsible for helping her trailblaze today’s trends. “No. Absolutely not,” he remarked. “She has herself and her family and, you know, she’s happy.” He added, “I like spotting [talent] and having that sense for people who are really going for it and are ambitious. She’s her own hardworking, independent woman.”

Posen also weighed in on influencers who create brands. He thinks the brands are great. “I think it’s a lesson there’s always been. You know, I think there’s always crossover and I think that’s interesting. I mean, I don’t think it’s like taking market share per se. It’s like they’re creating marketplaces,” he said.

Kim Kardashian is ‘one of the loveliest women to work with’

Posen has always been a fan of Kardashian. “I say she and her whole family can laugh all the way to the bank,” he told Yahoo Entertainment in 2013. “They get pop culture. And there are so many sort of cliché phrases, but I think that the more outrage that’s created, the more demand there is for them.”

“I’ve worked with Kim and she is one of the loveliest, sweetest women to work with,” he continued. “She writes the most polite thank-you notes. Every morning I wake up to a really beautiful, small bedside Hermès clock and I think: How chic and lovely of Kim Kardashian. It was a thank-you gift.”

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