Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields’ New Hometowns Earned the Support of a Beloved Burrito Brand

The 2021 NFL draft results proved to be more exciting than expected, given the certainty of the No. 1 pick. But after Trevor Lawrence went to the Jacksonville Jaguars, interesting narratives emerged. Quarterbacks Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields all presented captivating storylines during the draft’s first round.

What do these picks all have in common besides their position? You won’t guess it, so we’ll just say it: burrito bowls.

Why Chipotle decided to highlight Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields in the NFL draft

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Chipotle chose to highlight three players in the 2021 NFL draft. All three QBs easily went in the first round, according to NBC Sports. Their paths to those spots weren’t without some issues along the way, though.

Zach Wilson went No. 2 overall to the Jets, marking a new era for the team after a long, tumultuous run. Sports Illustrated reports that he was the highest draft pick out of Brigham Young University. He earned that early pick off the back of a 73.4% completion rate, surpassing past fellow BYU alum Steve Young.

Jimmy Garoppolo will face the heat with new QB Trey Lance working under him. This is where things got interesting in the draft, with the number three spot a total mystery to most observers. Lance ultimately impressed the San Francisco 49ers the most.

The most interesting moment of the night was when Justin Fields went to the Chicago Bears, a quarterback pick that could be the turning point for the franchise after a long drought at the position. He was projected to go much higher than 11th in the draft.

The reveal that he’s suffered from epilepsy, which became public just a week before the draft, changed his results instantly. The Bears decided to take the risk. Despite that issue, NBC News reports that many sports commentators have lauded the decision.

Chipotle’s NFL draft program goes beyond promoting NFL hopefuls

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Clearly, Chipotle aligned itself with the right names in the 2021 NFL draft. All three QBs ended up being major news stories for different reasons. Even Fields, with the controversy around his medical history, ended up being one of the most media-friendly moments of the draft.

But it goes beyond simple social media promotion and special burrito bowls. Chipotle is, according to Sports Illustrated, also giving back to the communities of all three draft-day QBs.

A dollar from each special burrito bowl sale, up to $5,000, is going directly to youth sports in the hometowns of each player. Not a bad deal, and likely just the start of charitable giving in these towns given the track record of successful NFL players.

Will Wilson, Lance, and Fields work out in the NFL?

Zach Wilson holds a Jets jersey onstage after being drafted second at the 2021 NFL draft
No. 2 draft pick Zach Wilson holds a Jets jersey | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Chipotle managed to come out looking good on draft day. But will old posts about special burrito bowls for Wilson, Lance, and Fields age well? Or will they be the butt of some retroactive jokes?

Wilson is seen as a sure thing by most NFL commentators. They also took wide receiver Elijah Moore, and running back Michael Carter, crowning their first round as the success story of the evening. 49ers Webzone reports that San Francisco wanted Lance in the first place, and feel they have the best QB for the future of their team.

That leaves Fields, who had many commentators applauding the Bears’ decision. His epilepsy is just one of the potential issues the team faces, however. They have a bad record of trading up for QBs. While Fields is, on paper, an incredible deal at 11th overall, it’s hard not to shake the feeling that the Bears never make the right choice when dumping assets to trade up. Still, there’s little sign from Fields’ time at Ohio State that he won’t be a good fit for the NFL.