1 ‘Big Brother 24’ Houseguest Predicted the Split House Twist Before the Season Began

Big Brother is known for its crazy and controversial twists over the years. From twins switching places to the Battle of the Block, fans have seen it all. And during the Aug. 18 live eviction episode of Big Brother 24, host Julie Chen Moonves informed them that the split house twist would infiltrate the game in week seven.

Michael Bruner, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, Jasmine Davis, and Brittany Hoopes sit in the 'Big Brother 24' living room on live eviction night during the split house twist.
Michael Bruner, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, Jasmine Davis, and Brittany Hoopes | Photo: CBS

‘Big Brother 24’ introduced the split house twist during week 7

The divided house twist began during the seventh Head of Household competition of Big Brother 24. Michael Bruner came in first place, and Terrance came in second, making them the two HOHs for the week. Since Michael won the competition, he would headline “Big Brochella” inside the house. And Terrance would lead “Dyre Fest” in the backyard.

Michael chose Jasmine Davis, Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, and Monte Taylor to join his group. And Terrance picked Matthew Turner, Alyssa Snider, Joseph Abdin, and Kyle Capener for his crew. The two groups then separated and wouldn’t see each other until the next live eviction.

At the nomination ceremonies, Michael put Jasmine and Monte on the block, and Terrance nominated Turner and Joseph. Brittany later won the “Big Brochella” Power of Veto, and Terrance won the “Dyre Fest” POV. Brittany chose not to use the veto, and Terrance used the veto on Turner and nominated Kyle in his place.

At the double eviction, Turner and Alyssa voted out Joseph, and Taylor and Brittany booted Jasmine. Afterward, the final eight houseguests reunited, and the Big Brother 24 twist was over.

Ameerah Jones predicted the split house twist

Before entering the Big Brother 24 house, Entertainment Weekly asked the players to brainstorm a new twist for the game. And one houseguest foreshadowed the split house.

“I would like there to be more than one Big Brother house,” Ameerah Jones shared. “So two kind of houses that are separate. We’re living in these houses and playing our own games, and all of a sudden, we have to combine houses, and we live in one house together.”

As fans recall, Ameerah was evicted during week three when the Leftovers formed. So she didn’t survive in the game long enough to see the split house twist. But her intuition before the season began was spot on.


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Does ‘Big Brother 24’ have more twists planned?

So far in Big Brother 24, the twists have been Backstage Boss, Festie Bestie, and the split house. However, CBS might not be done throwing wrenches in the houseguests’ plans this season.

“So throughout the summer, you’re going to see various festivals: Music Fest, Renaissance Fest, Comedy,” Julie Chen Moonves told Entertainment Weekly before the season began. “But my favorite … We’re going to have a Zing Fest.”

The fests seem to coordinate with the twists, so it stands to reason that Zing Fest may present a new challenge for the Big Brother 24 houseguests.

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