‘1883’: Why Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Refuse to Work on Their Scenes Together Before Filming

Fans of Yellowstone are loving 1883, a Western series on Paramount+ featuring Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and a wealth of other fantastic cast members. The series is already making its mark on the streaming service. And Faith Hill and Tim McGraw talked about what it was like working together as a married couple in real life. Here’s what the couple said about refusing to work on their scenes together prior to filming on set.

(L-R) Tim McGraw and Faith Hill attend Paramount+ and 101 Studios world premiere of '1883'
(L-R) Tim McGraw and Faith Hill attend Paramount+ and 101 Studios world premiere of ‘1883’ | Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas

Fans want to know if 1883 and Yellowstone are related — and they are. 1883 exists as the prequel to Yellowstone, as it follows the Dutton family dynasty pre-Yellowstone era. According to Looper, the events in 1883 take place about 125 years prior to the events in Yellowstone.

“It is a stark retelling of Western expansion, and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land — Montana,” the press release explains.

So, who do Faith Hill and Tim McGraw play in the 1883 cast? They’re Margaret and James Dutton, John Dutton’s great-grandparents and the first family members to settle on the Montana land. Together, Margaret and James have three kids — Elsa, John, and Spencer.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw don’t work on their scenes together prior to filming on set

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are bound to have magical on-screen chemistry as they work together in the 1883 cast. The husband-and-wife duo already know each other well off-screen, so playing an on-screen couple should come easy. But it seems they still had their difficulties. Hill explained to People that having to film “intimate scenes” was particularly difficult for her, as she’s a “very shy person in that type of situation.”

Additionally, Hill and McGraw shared how they didn’t work on their scenes together before filming on set. Hill told People she didn’t want to come off as too rehearsed when it came time to act.

“We have made it a point not to work on our scenes together until we’re on set,” Hill explained. “It’s important that we react to one another naturally as characters, not as husband and wife.”

As for McGraw, he noted he loves working with his wife on the show, even if it means working on their scenes separately. “I can’t imagine spending five months, especially as hard as we are working with six days a week, I can’t imagine her not being there with me,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

Tim McGraw also chose not to see Tom Hanks prior to Hanks’ cameo

While Faith Hill and Tim McGraw don’t work on their scenes together in 1883 outside of the set, it seems McGraw also didn’t work together for Tom Hanks’ cameo. McGraw told People he’s good friends with Hanks, and he hoped his friend could join the show for a few scenes. But Hanks certainly didn’t rehearse anything in front of McGraw ahead of time.

“We didn’t see each other that whole morning,” McGraw explained. “I didn’t want to see what he looked like. He didn’t want to see what I looked like, because we know each other so well. So, when he walked on set, it was pretty magical. And when he puts his hand on my shoulder in that scene, you could feel the weight of the world between both of them with what had gone on. It was a pretty heavy scene.”

1883 airs Sundays on Paramount+.

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