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Resident Evil is a recent Netflix series that depicts a world after the release of the T-Virus. The story switches between 2022 and 2036. The past focuses on young twins, but the present deals with one of them running from the insidious Umbrella Corporation.

There are plenty of TV shows similar to Resident Evil. Some contain zombies, and others only have a dangerous disease to deal with. Fans can find at least one series they can enjoy featured below.

‘Sweet Tooth’ (2021) on Netflix

Sweet Tooth is an adaptation of a comic book limited series of the same name. The show features a generation of kids born as animal hybrids 10 years prior. One of the central protagonists is Gus, who is part deer. He tags along with a man named Tommy as he searches to find his mom.

Even though Sweet Tooth has no zombies, humanity still faces a viral threat, like Resident Evil. Android Authority also points out how the structures of the two stories are similar. They both go backward and forward in time.

People who are interested in Sweet Tooth can find it on Netflix. The streaming site renewed the show for a second season.

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ (2015-2018) on Starz

'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Comic-Con panel presentation in San Diego, California
‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Comic-Con panel presentation | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

Another series like Resident Evil is Ash vs. Evil Dead. The show is another entry in the Evil Dead franchise, and Bruce Campbell reprised his role as Ash Williams. The story takes place 30 years later, and Ash still works at a department store. He goes on to team up with his co-workers to save the world once again.

According to The Review Geek, the show is similar to Resident Evil in that the protagonists fight zombies. However, Ash vs. Evil Dead is more comedy than thriller. Of course, both series are a part of major franchises as well.

Fans can see Ash again on Starz’s streaming platform. Netflix also has the show available to watch.

’12 Monkeys’ (2015-2018) on Hulu

12 Monkeys is an adaptation of the sci-fi film of the same name, and it takes place in the future. A group of scientists recruit a man named James to travel back almost 30 years to stop a deadly virus. Meanwhile, the Army of the 12 Monkeys leader remains one step ahead.

While there is a lack of zombies, the show does have a virus that threatens to wipe out humanity. Additionally, a mysterious organization is responsible for the plague. Resident Evil also has an organization, Umbrella, that developed a dangerous virus.

12 Monkeys is available online. People can watch episodes on Hulu.

‘All of Us Are Dead’ (2022) on Netflix

If someone enjoys Korean zombie shows, they can check out All of Us Are Dead. Based on a Naver webtoon, the series is about students trapped in a school following an outbreak. While they fight their way out, a few who get bit do not fully turn.

Like Resident Evil, the virus originated from a lab. However, a life science teacher developed the pathogen in a school lab. Nevertheless, both shows depict the disease accidentally getting loose among the general population.

All of Us Are Dead is available to stream on Netflix. Due to its success, there are plans for season 2.

‘Z Nation’ (2014-2018) on Netflix


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Made by the studio that did Sharknado, Z Nation takes on a more comedic tone. The series has a compelling story of a survivor group taking a man named Murphy to a research lab. The reason is the character contains antibodies that prevent him from fully turning.

Z Nation and Resident Evil both feature characters who fight zombies. They do their best to survive an apocalyptic world. Meanwhile, they have to deal with multiple antagonists.

People can watch Z Nation on Netflix. A prequel spinoff is available to stream alongside the show.