6 ‘Game of Thrones’ Actors Now in the MCU (or Marvel), Because It’s Hard to Keep Track

Game of Thrones was once one of the most talked-about shows on at the time of its airing. It was also the biggest event of the season, when it was on, and its fans were always dedicated to its characters and houses. However, the final season really put a damper on the series for some fans. Regardless, the actors gave their all and really hold a special spot for fans. And a good chunk have gone on from the Game of Thrones world of Westeros to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Heroes (or other?) in one fantasy world to another, here are the six actors who’ve made that jump.

1. Sophie Turner 

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Sophie Turner — who played the stoic Sansa Stark — joined the Marvel world in 2016 with X-Men: Apocalypse, where she played a teenaged version of Jean Grey in the ‘80s. This was a spin/prequel version of the Jean Grey fans saw in the X-Men movies from the ealy 2000s. While these films aren’t directly in the MCU because they’re owned by Fox, there were talks that after the Dark Phoenix film, which focused all on Jean Grey and her mounting chaotic powers, she could meet up with others in the MCU because of Disney’s ownership of Fox. 

But it’s unclear if anything like that would happen, especially considering the MCU will probably just introduce their own iterations of X-Men and those characters and start over, rendering Turner’s Jean unnecessary. 

2. Maisie Williams 

Another GoT alum that ended up in as a mutant was Maisie Williams. She took on the role of  Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane in 2020’s The New Mutants. This film was rather unfortunate because of its rollout. It was finished and set to be released around 2018 but was them pushed to 2019, according to Collider. It finally came out in 2020 but wasn’t super well-received. 

Williams’ Wolfsbane can turn into a wolf, if you can tell, and she struggles with her religion due to her being a lesbian. Again, it’s not strickly in the MCU, but it’s new enough that if there was ever a crossover, they could pull the New Mutants over. Arya Stark carried a lot of Game of Thrones and would do so well in the MCU, either in this role or another. 

3. Peter Dinklage

Now we’re getting into actual MCU players. Peter Dinklage played Tyrion Lannister and received much acclaim including four Emmys for that role. 

In the MCU, he played Eitri, the Dwarf King on Nidavellir who makes Stormbreaker for Thor in Avengers: Infinity War.

4 & 5. Kit Harington & Richard Madden

The next two Game of Thrones alums are appearing in The Eternals together, which is an upcoming major Marvel production. 

Kit Harington played Jon Snow, a major character in GoT. Not only was he Ned Stark’s bastard son for multiple seasons who went on to be a reluctant leader, but he actually turned out to hold a big threat for the Iron Throne. And Richard Madden played his brother, Robb Stark. He didn’t live as long, thanks to the infamous Red Wedding, but their relationship was strong while they were together in Season 1. 

In The Eternals, Harington is playing Dane Whitman, a human warrior with a mystical sword and who goes on to use the name Black Knight. Madden plays Ikaris, the leader of the Eternals, an alien race, who has many powers like superhuman strength, flight, cosmic beams, and more. 

6. Emilia Clarke 

Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, and Emilia Clarke at the 71st Emmy Awards on Sept. 22, 2019
Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, and Emilia Clarke at the 71st Emmy Awards on Sept. 22, 2019 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lastly, Emilia Clarke is the newest GoT cast member to join the Marvel family and the aforementioned MCU one. It was just announced that she’s joining the Secret Invasion series with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos. 

Clarke and the last three Game of Thrones actors mentioned — Dinklage, Harington, and Madden — are definitely in the perfect position to meet up in the MCU at some point, especially the Eternals and Clarke’s character. Especially if she has to do with S.W.O.R.D., which she most likely will considering her involvement with Fury and Talos in the show.  

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