Did ‘7th Heaven’ Actor Mackenzie Rosman Quit Acting?

Some TV shows call for young actors and, as a result, some children grow up on the screen. Frequently the source of quotable one-liners and adorable mishaps, these child stars rise to fame before they can even spell “celebrity.” Although many who enter Hollywood at a young age face later adversity, others continue to land big roles and dazzle audiences. Still others, as in the case of 7th Heaven‘s Mackenzie Rosman, seem to disappear from the public eye completely. 

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Mackenzie Rosman | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Mackenzie Rosman was Ruthie Camden

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7th Heaven was the longest-running show to come out of the WB Network. Debuting in 1996, it followed the California-based Camden family — a household that grew to contain nine members as the series wore on. When the show first began, however, parents Eric and Annie had five children. Clearly, their hands were already full prior to season three’s introduction of twins. Eric Camden also worked as a minister and frequently took in outsiders in accordance with his Christian lifestyle. 

During its tenure, the show attracted many loyal fans who appreciated its religious roots and perpetuation of family values. According to IMDb, it was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, as well as many different Teens’ and Kids’ Choice accolades. Though it wrapped in 2007, the successful series served as a launching point for many prosperous careers. Mary Camden, for example, was portrayed by a young Jessica Biel

Ruthie Camden, the youngest of the original five kids, was played by Mackenzie Rosman. Rosman began acting in the show at just seven years old, wowing fans with her spunk and big personality. Despite achieving tremendous success at such a young age, Rosman has all but bowed out of Hollywood. 

The star has few acting credits after 7th Heaven 

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Casting agents weren’t going to completely let Rosman’s talents slip away. Her IMDb profile highlights some of her later accomplishments, including a brief stint on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Her recurring role as Zoe allowed her tackled a more mature character. Still, it seems as though Rosman wanted to experience the secret teenage life she never had. Entertainment Weekly documents a string of smaller horror movie features in 2013.

Her most recent acting credit comes from a 2015 short, Love Will Tear Us Apart. In the years following, Rosman has stayed largely out of the public eye, occasionally updating her followers on social media platforms. An Instagram post from 2018 featured the actor racing horses, and more recent updates would suggest that this equestrian passion has continued. Though she is now 31, a report from HorseWeb shared the success of a 16-year-old Rosman, who competed at the USEF Pony Medal Final. While her acting aspirations may have shifted over time, it seems as though her love of horses will last forever

Rosman remembers her time on-set fondly 

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Rosman seems to have largely escaped the child star curse. Her departure from Hollywood was amicable and does not seem to have been the result of any mistreatment. Still, Rosman’s continued relationship with her castmates and openness to the possibility of a reboot seems to suggest that she had a fun experience on the show. It’s hard to say whether Rosman will ever grace our screens again. Although she enjoyed 7th Heaven, her estimated net worth of $2 million and equestrian status have placed her in the perfect position to ride off into the sunset.