A Disney+ Favorite Beat Out ‘Stranger Things’ For The Title of Most-Streamed Show

When it comes to streaming sites and numbers of views on those services, it’s a bit trickier than with traditional cable. Whereas Nielsen and other reliable sources can track what cable channels are doing, places like Netflix don’t have to release that sort of thing. And, famously, Netflix hasn’t in the past. But thanks to things like Parrot Analytics, digital shows are ranked, and the most-streamed show at the moment is a Disney+ favorite.  

The Disney+ logo on the screen of a tablet on November 20, 2019, days after it launched in America
The Disney+ logo on the screen of a tablet on November 20, 2019, days after it launched in America | Chesnot/Getty Images)

‘Stranger Things’ was the most-streamed original digital show

First, to become number 1, this show had to beat out some Netflix heavy-weights. Netflix shows are very good at dominating the social conversation and trending worldwide. But its winner, Stranger Things, came in at number 3, on the “digital originals” chart, down 1.5 percent with 57.9 million expressions. This is for the week of May 4, according to Media Play News. 

For Parrot Analytics, it deems something a “digital original” if it’s a multi-episode show with the current season debuting on a streaming site. This includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Disney+.

Another Netflix show on the list that everyone was obsessed with when it premiered was Tiger King. But while it was at the top of the list previously, coming in at number 3 as of April 27, it’s nowhere on there now. 

Parrot figures out these expressions with a mix of data, including “video streaming, social media activity, photo sharing, blogging, commenting on fan and critic rating platforms, and downloading and streaming via peer-to-peer protocols and file sharing sites,” according to Media Play News. 

Other Netflix shows on the list are La Casa De Papell (Money Heist), Ozark, and The Witcher.  

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ is officially the most-streamed digital original show

Ahsoka Tano faces off against Maul in Season 7 of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'
Ahsoka Tano faces off against Maul in Season 7 of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ | Disney+

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The number 1 spot went to Star Wars: The Clone Wars with over 139.9 million average daily Demand Expressions, which is up 43.7 percent. It took the number 1 spot in April with 67 million digital expressions. Again, a big jump. 

The Mandalorian isn’t far behind in the number 2 spot with a 25.2 percent number. It had 62.3 million expressions. This spike for both shows comes as The Clone Wars’ Season 7 (and series) finale premiered on May 4. Disney+ did a special Star Wars Day lineup with that premiere and the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian premiere episode. This definitely seemed to work in Disney’s favor with these massive jumps in viewership and trending traction.

Sam Witwer, the actor behind the voice of Maul, tweeted on May 15, “I always thought this was just something we did for ourselves and the few people that liked it.” This was in awe at the numbers from Media Play News. 

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Does this mean more ‘The Clone Wars’ could happen?

Obviously, with the fact that these are both Star Wars related shows is a big kicker. It’s proof that the franchise isn’t going anywhere at the moment. In fact, it also proves that when dealt with care and given exciting, new storylines, Star Wars fans flock to the content. 

The Clone Wars premiered in 2008 and aired on Cartoon Network. It was a major success at the time as well, but was canceled after George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney. But thanks to fan support and campaigning on social media, it came back for this final season. And The Mandalorian is a brand new take on the landscape of Star Wars. With the combination of a “space western” atmosphere and the tag team of Mando and Baby Yoda, it drew audiences in. 

We already know that The Mandalorian is going strong with an upcoming Season 2. Dave Filoni, an executive producer and director on that show is excited to continue working on it, he told Deadline. As for more of Clone Wars, could this mean more? 

Filoni, who was also the supervising director for The Clone Wars, told Deadline that continuing something like Star Wars Rebels isn’t really of interest right now. But as for more Ahsoka Tano, it’s possible. 

“I have a lot of ideas and I’m really fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity now to work in both animation and live-action, so just getting that exposure is interesting,” he said. He then said that if “there’s a story” to tell, he’d be interested. “I mean, there’s a lot riding on everything Star Wars, especially for me personally, being here so long, I want to make sure I get it right.”

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