‘Agatha All Along’ Made Kathryn Hahn Say Yes to ‘WandaVision’

WandaVision didn’t expect to have a hit on the iTunes charts, yet here we are. Kathryn Hahn’s “Agatha All Along” theme song skyrocketed in popularity after it debuted at the end of episode 7. The song has spurred countless memes and is an ear worm people won’t soon forget. And as it turns out, Hahn knew it would be part of the show all along—it’s what made her sign on to play Agatha Harkness.

Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in 'WandaVision' | Disney
Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in ‘WandaVision’ | Disney

Who is Agatha Harkness?

Hahn played Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s nosy neighbor, Agnes, in the hit Disney+ series. Fans had theorized that Agnes was the Marvel character Agatha Harkness—a powerful witch from the era of the Salem witch trials—before the episode 7 plot twist.

In the Marvel comics, Agatha is both a friend and foe of Wanda, the Scarlet Witch. Both of the women harness incredible power, and Agatha tries to help the Scarlet Witch navigate hers. It’s Agatha who realizes Wanda’s children weren’t real—they were extensions of the villain Mephisto. And she made the hard decision to basically reverse the magic that created them.

WandaVision‘s Agatha does something a little different. She senses Wanda’s Westview spell and plants herself inside it, pretending to be under Wanda’s hex spell like all the other residents. She does this to figure out how the spell was cast in the first place, and basically becomes a quasi therapist for Wanda by forcing her to address her past traumas. In the end, Wanda allows for the hex to undo the chaos magic that created her twin sons—Billy and Tommy—and Vision. Agatha didn’t take them from her like in the comics.

Kathryn Hahn dressed as a witch in 'WandaVision
Kathryn Hahn as Agnes/Agatha Harkness in ‘WandaVision’ | Marvel Studios

Is Agatha Harkness good or bad?

In the comics, Agatha is more of a balance of good and evil for Wanda. In WandaVision, she’s the villain. The series ends with an epic battle between the two witches in which Agatha coaxes Wanda into giving her her chaotic powers. But it’s a trick. Wanda ends up trapping Agatha in the mindset of Agnes, leaving her fate up in the air.

The “Agatha All Along” theme song—penned by Frozen‘s Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez—was the song that revealed all of Agatha’s “perfidious” deeds. All of the unexplainable magical mishaps in the series (including Pietro Maximoff appearing as Evan Peters) was Agatha’s handy work.

The 47-year-old star said in an interview with The New York Times that she found Agnes’ presence in Westview hilarious. She said:

No, it made me laugh. I loved that Agatha was like, I’m going land in this world and I’m going to be the age of 47. I imagined that she really enjoyed sticking around and being in these sitcoms. She’s been flying around for a couple of centuries without a coven before she revealed herself, and she’d love to have a friend for a second.


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‘Agatha All Along’ reminded Kathryn Hahn of ‘The Addams Family’ theme song

And Hahn knew about the theme song all along. In fact, it was one of the selling points when signing onto the show. She said:

Oh, I knew about it from the beginning. At my first meeting, they were like, You’re going to get a theme song. And I was like, I’m in. And then they were like, Are you down with singing it? It was like, Yes. I had no hesitation, I was so excited. I was a child who grew up with The Munsters and The Addams Family. And it took half an hour — that’s what’s so crazy about it.

Hahn also explained what she loved so much about the show’s ambitious plot and heartfelt premise.

“I was so turned on by the ambition and had mad respect for the fact that it is a superhero story that is ultimately about grief,” she said. “And that there are so many women involved. And I love a witch, I really do.”

As does the rest of the internet. “Agatha All Along” debuted at the top of the iTunes Top 100 singles chart after its release. The power Agatha Harkness has.