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Keanu Reeves fans probably know the actor best for his ongoing string of hit action movies. But Reeves also frequently indulges in his sensitive side. In fact, he’s played a romantic lead several times. One of his most love stories, however, was 2003’s Something’s Gotta Give, in which he and Jack Nicholson vie for the affections of Diane Keaton. Speaking of which, what is the age difference between Keaton’s two suitors in that popular film?

Keanu Reeves signs fans' autographs at the premiere of 'Something's Gotta Give'
Keanu Reeves signs fans’ autographs at the premiere of ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ | Lee Celano/WireImage

Keanu Reeves and Jack Nicholson both romance Diane Keaton in ‘Something’s Gotta Give’

Hollywood movies often link a romantic male lead with a much younger female star. But despite Reeves’ hearty endorsement, the opposite is far less common. Something’s Gotta Give doesn’t shy away from the age differences of its stars. In fact, it takes it head-on. When the film starts, Harry (Nicholson) is dating the much younger Marin (Amanda Peet), much to her mother Erica’s (Keaton) chagrin.

As the movie plays out, Harry and Erica fall for each other. But Harry has a bit of competition in none other than his doctor Julian (Reeves). Julian also has feelings for Erica, which considerably factor into the story’s third act. Seeing how often movies attempt to skate by with decades-long age differences between romantic interests, it’s refreshing how writer-director Nancy Meyers addresses it in Something’s Gotta Give.

What was the age difference between the two actors in the movie?

In the movie, Erica is supposed to be roughly in her late 50s. And then checks out, considering Keaton was 57 when the film was released. But exactly how old are two love interests in Something’s Gotta Give? As it turns out, Nicholson — who is now 84 years old — turned 66 in 2003. Meanwhile, Reeves was 39 years old at the time of the movie’s release. As of this writing, the actor is 56 years old, nearly the same age Keaton was.

For decades, Nicholson has been known — both in real life and in the movies — for dating much younger women. And it’s a testament to how well Something’s Gotta Give uses the actor’s romantic history to its advantage. Because viewers are so accustomed to seeing Nicholson with younger women, it highlights the unlikelihood of sparks flying between Harry and Erica. And it makes it that much more satisfying when they do.


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Keanu Reeves has a history of reuniting with his leading ladies

Reeves is recognized for consistently starring opposite significantly younger leading ladies. But he does have a long history of reuniting with some of his favorite female stars. In both Speed and The Lake House, he and Sandra Bullock end up together. Reeves and Charlize Theron are paired up in The Devil’s Advocate and Sweet November. And of course, he and Carrie-Anne Moss are freedom fighters and lovers in The Matrix series.

Perhaps most notably though is Reeves’ ongoing collaboration with Winona Ryder. The real-life friends have starred in three movies together, including 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula and 2018’s Destination Wedding. Thanks to the former, they might even be legally married. But that hasn’t stopped either one from pairing up on screen. However, Reeves has yet to re-team with Keaton, as much as fans would love the stars’ reunion.