Aidan Gallagher on the ‘Character Combinations’ He ‘Really Enjoyed’ in Season 2 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

In Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, Aidan Gallagher functions as the dysfunctional family’s leader (no matter how misguided his leadership may be). He is a middle-aged man stuck in a teen’s body, coming up with plans to save the world. As a result, he has many conversations with various Hargreeves’ members, often recounting his plans, insulting their stupidity, or mocking their childhood trauma. Yet, out of all of Five’s family dynamics, two relationships received a little extra attention this season. 

Aidan Gallagher The Umbrella Academy
Aidan Gallagher attends ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Premiere at Cinerama Dome | Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

During an interview with Looper, Gallagher discussed the relationships his character has with the various Hargreeves. When asked if he enjoyed some dynamics over others in season 2, Vanya and Diego came to mind. 

Aidan Gallagher discusses Number Five in relation to Vanya and Diego in ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Looper asked Aidan Gallagher, “Is there a particular character combination that you really enjoyed, either as an actor or a viewer?” Aidan Gallagher explained that the show took some time to highlight his character’s relationships with Diego and Vanya in season two. And, as an actor, working across from Ellen Page presented a challenge Gallagher accepted with open arms. Gallagher said: 

Well, I’ve always appreciated the subtlety that Vanya brings out of Five and the challenge that it poses as an actor to keep up in a scene with Ellen Page. But there are also some really interesting arcs this season with Diego and me talking back and forth. Those two have a tendency to sort of butt heads and really fight for dominance. But Five is this very poised, very short, very analytical character, and Diego’s this more humanistic character. And to see those two first sort of fight each other, but then sort of come to a sense of ease with one another, it was fun…


Ellen Page is quite an accomplished actor. While the cast it stock-full of talent, Ellen Page has appeared in a handful of major blockbusters and acclaimed TV productions. From Tales of the City and X-Men to My Days of Mercy and To Rome With Love, it should come as no surprise that Gallagher relished in more scenes with Page. Her subtlety is powerful and effective, as Gallagher notes — and a young actor can learn a great deal from her.


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Yet, working with Page’s Vanya was not the only treat for Gallagher this season; Five got to have a lot of fun with Diego, as he tried to prevent the knife thrower from forever messing with history. 

Because Five and Diego are polar opposites, they make great scene parters, which those behind the production noted and exploited for maximum effect. What beats a scene in which a little Number Five puts combat master Diego in his place? Gallagher goes on to note that, while his scenes with Vanya and Diego were especially rewarding, all the dynamics provide important glimpses into the characters. He said, “Each of us have our own little arcs with different siblings in the season”