Alicia Silverstone Got 1 ‘Clueless’ Line Wrong, But it Made it Into the Movie

Alicia Silverstone is an actor who rose to fame in the early ’90s for her roles in music videos and teen movies like The Crush. Silverstone achieved onscreen immortality when she appeared in the teen comedy movie Clueless. Released in 1995, Clueless became a huge hit and remains very popular as a cult classic.

Alicia Silverstone smiling
Alicia Silverstone | Monica Schipper/Getty Images

These days, Silverstone is still best known for her work in the movie, even though she has enjoyed a very successful, versatile career post-Clueless. Silverstone dived into the role of Cher Horowitz with enthusiasm, and perfectly embodied the stylish, good-natured teenager – and even when she got a line wrong, it seemed to work in the context of the film. 

What line from ‘Clueless’ did Alicia Silverstone get wrong?

Alicia Silverstone worked hard to memorize her lines in Clueless, but even though she was an experienced actor, she wasn’t immune to flubbing her lines from time to time. According to a video on the MsMojo YouTube channel, the scene early on where Cher is embroiled in a debate about why Haitians should come to America features a pretty significant mistake from Silverstone that was ultimately kept in the finished film.

Rather than pronouncing “Haitians” properly, Cher mentions the “hay-tee-ans” twice throughout the course of her impassioned speech. The video notes that Silverstone thought she was saying the line properly, which lent an air of ridiculous credibility to the scene – and showrunners ended up keeping the flub in the movie. 

Alicia Silverstone still has a lot of love for ‘Clueless’

After the release of Clueless, Silverstone became a huge star. In the years after the movie, she went on to appear in several big-budget movies, including Batman & Robin and Excess Baggage. She also acted in a number of television shows, such as Childrens Hospital, Making a Scene with James Franco, and American Woman. Silverstone is also an outspoken advocate for several social causes, and is a proud vegan – even publishing two vegan cookbooks, one in 2009 and one in 2014.

Through it all, Silverstone has remained open about how much she loved being involved with Clueless. In 2021, the actor debuted her TikTok account, marking the occasion by recreating her iconic “as if!” scene on the video-sharing platform. Since then, Silverstone has shared several more Clueless-themed TikToks, even getting her young son involved, according to Entertainment Weekly. It’s clear that Silverstone embraces being a pop culture icon and has no intention of leaving her alter ego, Cher Horowitz, behind. 

Alicia Silverstone wasn’t like Cher in one major way

Although Silverstone has admitted that she had a lot of freedom on the set of Clueless, with director Amy Heckerling allowing her to “do whatever” on the set. Still, Silverstone still had to immerse herself into the character of Cher in order to portray the super-stylish teenager. While Silverstone’s bubbly personality might have matched up with Cher’s, the actor was very different from Cher in at least one way – her fashion sense. 

As Silverstone revealed in a recent interview with Glamour, she doesn’t exactly have the same affinity for clothes as her character. “I wore a green t-shirt every day with jeans. I had 64 costume changes, and I had no patience for it. I don’t even remember if I thought it was cute. Maybe I was like ‘oh that’s cute,’ but I just didn’t have a fashion sense,” Silverstone said, speaking of the filming of Clueless.

“After the movie, I ran home with a lot of the clothes. And I tried to wear them in real life. Then I realized ‘I’m not Cher. I still want to just put on some jeans and a t-shirt and my tennis shoes.’ I didn’t find a way to use those in my real life and I gave them all away.”

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