Amber Heard Interview Resurfaces That Johnny Depp Fans Say Reveals Why He Needed to Teach Her ‘Stillness’

A previous interview with actor Amber Heard resurfaced online in reference to the “stillness” that Johnny Depp said that he had to teach her during the trial. Some audiences didn’t entirely understand this particular comment, but the interview is giving his fans an idea of what he was talking about regarding Heard needing “stillness.”

Johnny Depp said in court that he had to teach Amber Heard ‘stillness’

'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane' actor Amber Heard, who Johnny Depp had to teach 'stillness' to for 'The Rum Diary' wearing a black dress in front of 'The Stepfather' step and repeat
Amber Heard | Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

The Law&Crime Network explored Depp’s testimony, where he explained how he originally met Heard. They first crossed paths when she was auditioning to play Chenault in The Rum Diary. Writer/director Bruce Robinson wasn’t so sure about casting her after meeting her multiple times, so he wanted Depp’s opinion on the matter.

Depp explained that the biggest issue with Heard was that she lacked “stillness.” He recommended her an array of movies, such as To Have and Have Not, to help her learn this to bring it to the role. Heard ultimately earned the part, even though Depp had his reservations about her ability to keep from over-acting the character.

Amber Heard unpacked her character in ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Lane’

The All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Blu-ray extras included an interview with Heard, where she talked about all things involving the horror movie. She took time to unpack her character, Mandy Lane:

It’s very interesting to me and a huge reason why I was interested in taking on this role is that she looks like that. She looks like the archetype, she looks like the scream queen. That’s what makes her so well-written and such a complex character. Because there aren’t so many strong female characters written into scripts these days, or at least that I read or that I have a chance to play, they just don’t really exist. Because it’s that way, this script kind of mocks society in a sense.”

Heard continued to talk about her role in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which commenters point out that she refers to herself rather than the character.

“It’s very valuable to me when I get a script that is difficult, that is complex, that is real, that is anything beyond how I look,” Heard said. “That’s what’s so great about the script, it appears that it’s all about how I look. It opens with narration about how beautiful I look and it’s all about how I look, look, look. Because I don’t even speak so much during a lot of it.” 

Johnny Depp fans say that this resurfaced interview shows why he needed to teach the actor ‘stillness’

Amber Heard standing holding a beverage and wearing white and black
Amber Heard | JIM LO SCALZO / POOL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

The video’s comments explained how this interview proved Depp’s point. He had to teach Heard “stillness” before allowing her to star in The Rum Diary. They described her speech pattern as “chaotic” and wrote that her comments surrounding the character are “utter nonsense.” She often spoke in circles, giving a lot of fluff to her answers.

Other commenters pointed out that Heard frequently talked about her own beauty in the interview, rather than that of her All the Boys Love Mandy Lane character.

Some users explained that Heard has a greater amount of “stillness” in her more recent interviews after working with Depp in The Rum Diary. However, this could also be due to her gaining more experience and confidence interacting with interviewers.

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