Amy Adams’ 1st Movie Was a Major Bomb

Fans worldwide recognize Amy Adams for her signature red hair and the tenacious way she tackles new roles. The 47-year-old has appeared in dozens of movies over the years, from fantasies like Enchanted to dramas like American Hustle.

Long before Adams headlined major movies, she was just a young performer struggling to make a name for herself. In fact, Adams’ very first movie has gone down in history as a box-office bomb, a film some pop culture fans consider a cult classic.

What is Amy Adams’ net worth?

In the ’90s, Adams started as a dancer in dinner theater, according to IMDb, before making her breakthrough in Hollywood. By the early 2000s, Adams was a recognizable face in the entertainment industry, landing roles as a supporting actor. Her role in 2007’s Enchanted was her first major role as a leading lady. Fans quickly gravitated to her charming onscreen persona.

Over the course of her career, Adams has received six Academy Award nominations and two Golden Globe Awards. Her film credits include such big-name movies as Doubt, The Master, Big Eyes, and Vice.

With a net worth of around $60 million, Adams is now considered to be one of Hollywood’s hottest properties — a star who’s gained considerable power in the industry. 

What role did Amy Adams have in ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’?

Amy Adam smiles during her cameo in 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'
Amy Adam has a small role in Drop Dead Gorgeous | Movieclips Classics Trailers via Youtube

Adams might have an impressive film resume, but her very first movie bombed at the box office when it premiered in 1999. According to Looper, Adams played Leslie Miller, a cheerleader with ambitions of pageant stardom in the film Drop Dead Gorgeous, a “mockumentary” that tells the tale of a small-town beauty pageant.

The film earned only $10.5 million at the box office with a budget of a little over $10 million. Drop Dead Gorgeous featured an impressive cast, including Kirsten Dunst and Denise Richards. However, according to IMDb, fans and critics are divided over the plot and satirical references to beauty pageants.

Box Office Mojo notes that Drop Dead Gorgeous was only released to about 1,207 theaters around the United States — an inauspicious sign for any film. Critics universally panned the film, with one critic writing, according to Rotten Tomatoes, “Broad, obvious and thuddingly unfunny!” Another critic wrote, “So passe that the movie is virtually dead on arrival!”

In spite of the fact that the film bombed on arrival, it has since become a cult classic. Many people have grown to appreciate the film’s clever digs at beauty pageant life. Some claim the film has been “unfairly maligned” by critics.

What is Adams doing now?

Even though Adams’ introduction to Hollywood didn’t go over so well, the actor quickly found her footing in the movie business. Not only has she become a big star on her own merits, but she’s now helming a major film franchise of her own.

In 2021, Adams started production on Disenchanted, the sequel to her hit fantasy film Enchanted. The movie will feature other members of the original cast, including Patrick Dempsey. Although details are scarce right now, the fan base is excited.

Disenchanted is set for premiere in November 2022, coinciding with the Thanksgiving holiday.

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