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Arcane is the Netflix animated television show inspired by the video game League of Legends. Caitlyn is the “sheriff of Piltover.” However, there’s a clear difference between her original lore and the direction that the show took her in. Arcane gives Caitlyn a bit more personal attachment and a little less dependence on her relation to Piltover’s highest leadership.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Arcane Season 1.]

'Arcane' Kevin Alejandro as Jayce and Katie Leung as Caitlyn Kiramman from 'League of Legends' standing in an expensive room with strings connecting locations on the floor
L-R: Kevin Alejandro as Jayce and Katie Leung as Caitlyn Kiramman | Netflix

Caitlyn’s ‘League of Legends’ lore

Caitlyn’s original lore provided by League of Legends isn’t very long, although it gives a good idea of who she is. She was born into a wealthy family in Piltover. She’s adept at interacting with the wealthy elite, but she’s just as effective at tracking animals in the wilderness and is very accurate with a gun. Caitlyn’s mother warns her of Piltover’s seductions and its ability to turn the softest person rough.

An unknown group kidnaps and tortures Caitlyn’s parents. She employs her tracking skills to find and save them. However, nobody knows who hired the assailants. Their boss goes by the name “C.” As a result, her mother left her prestigious role, although her daughter has no ambitions to take over. Caitlyn became the best private investigator around, and her parents created a hextech rifle to help her in her missions.

The Piltover elite offered the investigator the role of sheriff. Caitlyn initially declined but decided to accept it to further pursue C. Later down the road, Vi joined as her deputy, although no one knows why. All answers are mere speculation and rumor. C is keeping tabs on the sheriff, as they know she’s getting close to figuring out their identity.

How Caitlyn’s lore fits into ‘Arcane’

Arcane establishes Caitlyn’s connection with scientist-turned-elite Jayce. Her mother is relatively cold and keeps her mostly separate from Piltover politics. She certainly doesn’t warn her of Piltover’s seductions, and there is no C. Caitlyn’s family acts more as a backdrop for the character, as they’re never kidnapped or tortured. Caitlyn enters Piltover law enforcement, but she isn’t given any autonomy to investigate any cases. Nevertheless, she goes against the corrupt sheriff’s direct orders to further investigate a crime involving Jinx.

Caitlyn is much more independent in her League of Legends lore. Arcane establishes her beautiful romance arc with Vi. However, she still has the tracking, detective skills, and high intelligence displayed in the original lore. Caitlyn puts it to use in entering Zaun and tracking down Jinx to get to the bottom of the criminal underground and the corruption that spread into Piltover. However, it doesn’t all work out as planned.

Where is Caitlyn’s lore headed into ‘Arcane’ Season 2?


‘Arcane’: Jinx’s ‘League of Legends’ Lore Explained

Netflix officially gave Arcane Season 2 the green light to start production. The season 1 conclusion shows Caitlyn and Vi in a whole lot of trouble. Their survival is at the hands of Jinx, who experiences delusions and voices in her head, giving power to her deepest demons. She fires a rocket toward the tower containing Piltover elites, including Caitlyn’s mother. Her fate remains unknown.

Arcane Season 2 will undoubtedly continue Caitlyn’s story. She hasn’t been awarded the sheriff position quite yet, but the foundation with Vi is established. Caitlyn’s stakes are high, as her mother’s life is at risk from the rocket, and the events of season 1 will undoubtedly change the connection between Piltover and Zaun forever.