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ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 finale is here, and fans get to see what happens to the remaining couples. Tyler Norris hit the beach for a second season hoping to find love. Unfortunately, his relationship with Mercedes Northup didn’t work out, and he left after she realized he wasn’t into her. Ahead of the finale, Tyler hard launched a new relationship on Instagram. Here’s what he posted.

[Spoiler alert: Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 spoilers ahead regarding Tyler Norris.]

Tyler Norris posted about a new girlfriend ahead of the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9 finale

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 didn’t provide Mercedes Northup or Tyler Norris with the next great loves of their lives. When Tyler hit the beach, many of the women were excited to get to know him. They first saw him on Rachel Recchia’s season, and he got his heart broken when she sent him home after their one-on-one date. While Rechel and Tyler had the chance to give their romance another go, Tyler chose to connect with Mercedes.

“Tyler’s just great,” Mercedes said during their one-on-one date. “There’s something special about him. He makes me really excited and giddy. I love this feeling, and I haven’t felt this in awhile.”

Unfortunately, the good feelings didn’t last long. Mercedes got the sense that Tyler didn’t want to advance their relationship. Additionally, Tyler secretly made out with Jess Girod. After a tough conversation, Mercedes and Tyler broke up on the beach, and Tyler went home.

Now, Tyler’s ready to show the world he found love outside of Paradise. On Dec. 6, 2023, he posted a clip to his Instagram Stories showing him kissing a woman before a small Christmas tree.

Fans aren’t impressed with the post. “Think about the process of getting this post,” a fan on Reddit wrote. “Tyler consciously setting up the camera, pressing record, strategically and intentionally cuddling in the mirror. Suddenly it becomes a lot less cute and a lot more lame.”

'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 9 couple Mercedes Northup and Tyler Norris sitting next to each other and smiling
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9 couple Mercedes Northup and Tyler Norris | ABC/Craig Sjodin

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Tyler Norris dated Brittany Galvin in a previous season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

While Tyler Norris didn’t end Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 with a girlfriend, he left a previous season in a relationship with Brittany Galvin. Unfortunately, by the time the reunion aired, the couple broke up. Distance was a significant factor in their breakup.

“After we met each other’s families and friends, I had some serious conversations with him about where we saw ourselves in the next few years,” Brittany told the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, according to Bachelor Nation. “We had to figure out if we’d make the jump and move to the same city or try to keep doing long distance. After we had a few conversations, I expressed to him that I needed a break, but that never really happened.”

Brittany realized that she and Tyler didn’t have the same goals, which led to their breakup. During the reunion, it was revealed that she cut off their relationship via FaceTime, which she earned backlash for. “A lot of people sent me hate for breaking up with him over FaceTime, but when you only dated someone for a month and a half, and you live long distance, I don’t really know the way you’re supposed to go about it,” she said.

Hopefully, Tyler found his forever person with the woman in his Instagram Stories.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 finale airs Thursday, Dec. 7, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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