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Move over, Rock the Block — there’s a new renovation competition show in town. After the popularity of the original series, the creative minds at HGTV dreamed up a tropical themed series with a beach setting and even better prizes.

Viewers will enjoy the friendly competition, the stunning before and afters, and the popular HGTV hosts who make home flipping look easy. Plus, there’s one additional benefit to Battle on the Beach that home reno enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

HGTV home renovation shows are so hot right now

HGTV logo at an event in California
HGTV logo | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

Maybe it’s because people are spending so much more time at home. Or maybe it’s because with so many stressful events in the world, it’s soothing to watch renovation experts solving problems and making everything look beautiful in under an hour. No matter the reason, HGTV is one of the most popular channels on television.

Many programs have similar setups even if the hosts and locations are different. Usually, hosts help homeowners transform outdated spaces using the power of interior design. But renovation competition shows add an extra layer to that tried-and-true formula. Winners get prizes and sometimes even their own shows on the network.

‘Battle on the Beach’ is like a vacation fans can take from home

With Battle on the Beach, rookie designers compete with one another to add the most value to the property they’ve been assigned. Along the way they’ll be mentored by HGTV mainstays including Windy City Rehab star Alison Victoria, Ty Breaker host Ty Pennington, and Restaurant Impossible star Taniya Nayak. Holmes and Holmes host Mike Holmes and Good Bones star Mina Starsiak Hawk will serve as judges.

“The stakes are sky high with a beachfront renovation, and this competition will push some of HGTV’s most seasoned experts to the limit,” HGTV president Jane Latman said in a press release.

“The competitors will get the unique opportunity to have our star mentors guide them through the challenges of a large-scale renovation while they fight to win some big cash.”

‘Battle on the Beach’ has better prizes than ‘Rock the Block’


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In many ways, Battle on the Beach sounds just like Rock the Block but with a beach-themed twist. The new six-episode series will also have better prizes for contestants. This includes $50,000 to use toward their next project, plus bragging rights for being the best of the best. And that’s a big deal for unknown designers who are appearing on HGTV for the first time.

Compare that to Rock the Block where the winner took home the bragging rights but no money. They also got a street in the neighborhood named after them, but for the new iteration, $50,000 sounds like a much more enticing prize.

There’s no concrete release date for Battle on the Beach just yet. But we know it’s airing sometime in the summer when people are in full-on beach mode and perhaps considering an oceanfront escape purchase of their own.