‘Big Brother’ 24 Clues Point to Motel Theme, According to Fans

The Big Brother 24 premiere will be here before fans know it, and CBS still hasn’t revealed a number of factors about the season. So far, fans have been given a few clues as to what’s to come, and a recent tweet revealed another clue about the new house theme. Here’s what the tweet stated and why fans think a motel theme is coming.

A new house clue for ‘Big Brother’ 24 has been revealed on Twitter

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Writer Mike Bloom recently had an interview with Big Brother 24 host Julie Chen Moonves. Bloom posted a “tease” to Twitter on June 29, 2022, about what he learned from his interview with Moonves.

“A bit of a tease of the #BB24 house theme from my interview with Julie Chen Moonves, coming out on Tuesday,” Bloom captioned his Twitter post. As for the tease, it’s an image of a “no vacancy” sign with the “vacancy” lit up.

Fans on Reddit are now guessing what the “vacancy” could mean in terms of the theme for Big Brother 24. Many fans believe this season has a motel theme.

Big Brother Summer Motel,” a fan guessed. “Because they can’t do a theme without including summer/beach into it.”

“Unless this is to be a Summer Road Trip of sorts and this just symbolizes a possible stop along the way, then it probably is just a motel theme altogether, which seems a bit limiting possibly,” another fan suggested. “Or maybe even different places to stay when on vacation, like motels, cabins, beach houses, etc.? With the ‘Have Not’ room being a disgusting, rundown motel room.”

Host Julie Chen Moonves also posted clues about the house theme on social media


While fans busily dissect Mike Bloom’s tweet about the Big Brother 24 theme, host Julie Chen Moonves posted her own clues to social media. On June 21, Moonves posted a photo of herself outdoors with her hands on her hips looking up at the sky. She captioned the post suggesting there are hidden clues that fans need to find.

“It’s giving first day of summer and two weeks until #BB24,” she wrote. “But can you spot any clues?”

Fans on Reddit gave their best guesses as to what Moonves’ post could mean. Many commented on her awkward stance, as they figured her looking up into the sky had to be a clue on its own. Others pointed out the flowers on her dress or her location.

“It’s taking place outside a house, so maybe people will need to do something (like win some sort of competition) to enter the house?” a fan on Reddit noted.

The ‘Big Brother’ 24 cast will be released in early July 2022

Fans won’t get confirmation on the theme for this season until right before the season premieres. Additionally, CBS isn’t releasing the Big Brother 24 cast until July 5, 2022, according to Twitter.

“Hey #BigBrother fans, enjoy your long weekend,” the official tweet reads. “We’ll be announcing the #BB24 cast TUESDAY. See you then.”

With CBS releasing the cast on July 5, that leaves just one day from the cast release to the official Big Brother 24 premiere. Historically, CBS released the cast earlier than this, so fans have to wait extra long in 2022.

Big Brother 24 premieres July 6, 2022, with a live move-in on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.

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