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Big Brother 24 isn’t the first season where a houseguest injured themselves. The nature of some challenges results in accidents, and Jasmine Davis, unfortunately, hurt herself during a Head of Household competition in Big Brother 24. However, some fans believe her injury shouldn’t be as bad as she claims.

Jasmine Davis competes in a Head of Household competition during 'Big Brother 24' on CBS. Jasmine wears a light blue shirt while trying to slide a glass down a table.
Jasmine Davis | Photo: CBS

Jasmine sprained her ankle in ‘Big Brother 24’

The second HOH competition of the summer was a two-parter where the houseguests competed in seven head-to-head rounds during the first portion. Jasmine faced off against Terrance Higgins, and she won the round. However, Jasmine awkwardly landed on her left ankle when she was stepping off a platform to celebrate her victory. She was obviously in pain, and the live show had to cut to a commercial.

During the next Big Brother 24 episode, viewers learned that Jasmine had sprained her ankle. The medical team gave her crutches, a scooter, and a cane. They also told her to keep it elevated and gave her instructions on how to help it heal.

As of the writing of this article, Big Brother 24 is halfway through week four, and Jasmine is still using her scooter. Her ankle is bothering her, and it’s unclear if her pain has improved.

Fans believe Jasmine is playing up her injury

On Monday, Aug. 1, one Big Brother 24 fan began a Reddit thread and shared their speculation about Jasmine’s injury. They wrote, “Not sure if it has been addressed yet. How long has it been since she got injured? Shouldn’t she be walking around by now? Is the scooter necessary?”

One Reddit user commented, “There was a clip in the last episode where she was standing on both legs. Plus, I didn’t see where it was revealed what the injury actually is, even though people are saying she needs [four weeks]. In my experience, the way she’s hopping around without a hard cast makes her look healed because that movement would still apply a lot of pressure to an injured ankle. So basically, she appears to be milking it, but she’s not breaking [Big Brother] rules apparently.”

“I’ve sprained my ankle six times, [and recovery time was] four days tops,” someone added. “Sure, it isn’t 100 percent, but you can mostly walk. Never needed a freaking scooter for two and a half weeks. I also never scooted my butt down stairs lol just hold the railing and don’t put weight on it. Milking for sure.”

Another fan said, “I had the same injury (grade three sprain), and I was in a boot putting weight on my ankle after three days. It won’t heal properly if you do what she’s doing and just laying around and using a scooter for a month. I know they gave her a boot to use, and she is being too lazy to use it, but I guess they can’t force her. The fact that they’re clearing her for all these comps means that they know it isn’t as serious as she’s making it out to be.”

Many Big Brother 24 fans agree that Jasmine is “milking” her injury. And they want production to step in before her ankle gets worse.


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‘Big Brother 24’ fans believe Jasmine should leave

Because of Jasmine’s apparent inability to walk, some Big Brother 24 fans think she should leave the game.

“Jasmine should be forced to leave,” one Reddit user said. “Someone who sustains an injury like this should be forced to leave if they do not recover in time. It creates an unfairness to the game.”

Another fan wrote, “Yeah, it feels like they’re trying to protect her as a narrator of the season for the episodes, which is crazy because her one notable trait (the Southernness) is completely exaggerated and fake.”

Someone else added, “On a game level, it’s also unfair that she won’t be able to participate in certain comps (though I know that does not guarantee safety). On a basic level, it puts HER safety and recovery at risk and also puts other players in the position of taking care of her (regardless of if they’re doing it out of sympathy or feeling obligated). Altogether, it impacts all players.”

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Wednesday, Aug. 3, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.