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Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale might have had a showmance with Monte Taylor in the house, but after the finale, it’s been all about her and Joseph Abdin. Numerous fans “shipped” them together during their time on the show and were heartbroken when Joseph was evicted during Dyre Fest. But the time apart seems to have only strengthened Taylor and Joseph’s bond, and many believe they are poised to announce they are dating.

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin, who starred together in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, sit next to each other on a couch. Taylor wears a light purple dress. Joseph wears a light blue shirt.
Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin | Photo: CBS

Taylor and Joseph first connected in the ‘Big Brother 24’ house

Joseph was essentially Taylor’s first friend in the Big Brother 24 house. Other houseguests relentlessly bullied her for simply existing, but Joseph was there for her as much as possible. Then, when they joined the Leftovers, they got much closer.

There was always a flirtatious element to Taylor and Joseph’s relationship. But they never fully acted on their apparent romantic chemistry, even when they were chained together, thanks to a punishment.

Underlying tones in their conversations suggested that they would be open to exploring something outside of the Big Brother house, but, sadly, a split house twist separated Taylor and Joseph for good. Joseph was evicted and left without having the chance to say goodbye to Taylor.

Taylor was devastated, especially when the Dyre Fest houseguests informed her that Joseph had thrown her under the bus. While he did reveal that Taylor had approached him with a final four deal, the Dyre Fest players highly exaggerated Joseph’s betrayal. And Taylor didn’t know what to believe.

Later in the season, Taylor and Monte acted upon the romantic tension between them. However, that flame quickly fizzled out when Monte belittled her after an incident involving headphones.

During the Big Brother 24 finale, Taylor and Joseph reconnected, and Joseph cleared the air about Dyre Fest. In the end, Joseph voted for Taylor to win. While casting his vote, he said, “I am voting for the face and the sword of this season.”

The duo have been inseparable since the finale

Following the Big Brother 24 finale, Taylor and Joseph have rarely left one another’s side. Fans noticed that Joseph seemingly waited for Taylor to be done with press interviews, and they traveled together to the after-party at Todrick Hall’s house. And based on Taylor’s exit interviews, they have made amends.

“I am just very, very happy that Joseph did not actually turn on me,” Taylor told Us Weekly. “I’m really happy that I can just explore what’s going on there now without any fear.”

The duo has also shared photos and videos of them going out to eat, taking walks, and going to Disneyland together. And they have openly flirted with and supported one another on social media.

On Taylor’s first Instagram post out of the Big Brother 24 house, Joseph commented, “The face of our season. Congratulations Taylor Mackenzie Dickens Hale [sword emoji].” And Taylor replied, “I couldn’t be the face without the heart [black heart emoji].”

So fans have a couple of questions — when and how will Taylor and Joseph announce their relationship? Thanks to a few clues on Twitter, some think they might take inspiration from two Big Brother 23 houseguests.


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Will Taylor and Joseph announce their relationship Derek and Claire style?

As fans recall, Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss from Big Brother 23 revealed their couple status via an Us Weekly article and photoshoot. Sharon Tharp, who wrote the article, cryptically tweeted, “#Jaylor…” on Sept. 27, leading many to believe that Joseph and Taylor will follow in Derek and Claire’s footsteps.

Plus, Joseph retweeted a post that contained photos from Derek and Claire’s photoshoot with the caption “Taylor and Joseph next month.” Joseph said, “Make sure to smell her hair,” and Taylor replied, “Give me your phone and go to sleep Joseph.”

One fan commented, “Joseph is taking notes … The Jaylor photo shoot is only a matter of time.” Another person added, “OMG ITS HAPPENING.”

All of the clues are lining up, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Taylor and Joseph announce their relationship, just as Derek and Claire did.

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