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It has been less than a week since the Big Brother 24 houseguests moved into the Big Brother house. One would think it would take longer for fans to start disliking most of the cast. However, as host Julie Chen Moonves says: expect the unexpected. And thanks to the Big Brother live feeds, many are unhappy with what’s been happening inside the house.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother 24 live feeds.]

Taylor Hale, featured on the 'Big Brother 24' live feeds, wears a teal dress.
Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

The ‘Big Brother 24’ houseguests are targeting and bullying Taylor Hale

On night one of Big Brother 24, fans saw Paloma Aguilar and Alyssa Snider make a final two alliance on the live feeds. And part of their immediate connection seemed to be based on their shared dislike toward fellow houseguest Taylor Hale.

Paloma, in particular, loves to talk about Taylor and how she’s not a “girl’s girl.” The two often mock her status as a pageant contestant, and they openly share their feelings about Taylor in front of others. And unfortunately, the poison has spread throughout the house.

Almost every Big Brother 24 houseguest has spoken badly about Taylor behind her back. Meanwhile, Taylor has done nothing to warrant the hate. She is being accused of plotting behind peoples’ backs, which is a lie. And many players claim that Taylor will “blow up” if she’s nominated for eviction. Yet, she has never shown any signs of being easily agitated.

Fans who watch the Big Brother live feeds have described the cast’s behavior as bullying and likened it to past seasons that have been rifled with racism.

‘Big Brother’ fans want to end their live feeds subscription because of the hate

As a result of the ugly behavior of the Big Brother 24 houseguests, many fans have taken to social media to denounce them and the game. And they want change to happen.

One post has been circulating on Twitter that reads, “Dear BB production, the vile treatment and remarks that have been made against Taylor are unprecedented. The houseguests have not made this about game, and it is clear that there is a bias in the house. They have labeled her as ‘explosive,’ ‘aggressive,’ ‘bully,’ ‘selfish,’ ‘shallow,’ and so much more. We, as BBTWITTER, stand together against the misogyny and call for change. Cancel your feeds subscription and retweet.”

Fans want the Big Brother producers to step in and end the bullying aimed at Taylor. And if they do nothing to implement chance, then Big Brother fans will cancel their live feeds if they haven’t already done so.


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Would ‘Big Brother’ producers interfere if fans canceled their live feeds?

Unfortunately, it’s very doubtful that Big Brother would ever step in to stop the unnecessary hatred toward Taylor, even if fans cancel their live feeds.

We have seen this kind of behavior time and time again in the CBS reality competition series. Big Brother 15 was defined by racism. The winner of Big Brother 21, Jackson Michie, was accused by fellow houseguests and fans of being racist. And infamous Big Brother runner-up Paul Abrahamian “dressed up” as house target Dominique Cooper to mock her, including adding black cosmetics to their face.

Big Brother houseguests have routinely unfairly targeted Black women in the game. And yet, year after year, it happens again. So it’s hard to believe any change will occur after 22 years of racial bias toward Black men and women.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 premieres on Wednesday, July 13, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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