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Following the chaotic and iconic Big Brother 24 double eviction, only five players remain in the house. There is still a lot of game left to be played, but we have a pretty good idea of where the jury stands and who would fair the best in the final two. So we ranked the final five Big Brother 24 houseguests from least likely to most likely to win.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother 24 Episode 28 and the live feeds.]

Alyssa Snider, Monte Taylor, Brittany Hoopes, Matthew Turner, and Taylor Hale, one of which will win 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, compete in a booth HOH competition.
Alyssa Snider, Monte Taylor, Brittany Hoopes, Matthew Turner, and Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

5. Brittany Hoopes won’t win ‘Big Brother 24’

Let’s face the facts — any of the remaining Big Brother 24 houseguests could win against Brittany Hoopes if they sit next to her in the final two chairs. She is someone that many would take to the end because that would be a guaranteed win.

Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, and Terrance Higgins have all expressed dislike toward Brittany. They don’t like how she’s played the game, both socially and strategically. Michael Bruner would likely be her only jury vote, which might even be up in the air, depending on who she’s sitting next to at the end.

Because of her poor jury management and blind loyalty toward Michael, Brittany will probably lose Big Brother 24 if she survives until the finale. However, Brittany has the best chance of taking second place and the $75,000 prize. If any of the four houseguests are smart, they will keep Brittany around to ensure they win.

4. Alyssa Snider

The only way for Alyssa Snider to win Big Brother 24 is if she’s sitting next to Brittany in the final two. And given that one of them will assumably be heading out the doors after week 10, we do not like Alyssa’s odds.

Kyle will vote for Alyssa to win no matter who is in the final two with her. Jasmine and Indy are also possible votes for her, but they expressed frustration with Alyssa during their exit interviews. So perhaps some bad blood will prevent Jasmine and Indy from campaigning for their friend to win.

Alyssa has yet to win a competition, and her strategic game has been nonexistent. She is why the Leftovers formed (she leaked information about the Girls Girls alliance to Kyle). And Alyssa’s only saving grace this season has been Kyle insisting that the Leftovers keep her. If it weren’t for Kyle, Alyssa would have been evicted weeks ago.

It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where Alyssa convinces the jury to vote for her. But crazier things have happened in Big Brother.

3. Matthew Turner

On the surface, it seems like Matthew Turner has played a great game. He was the HOH who got out Ameerah Jones, Kyle, and Michael. However, just because he was in power those weeks doesn’t mean he can claim those moves.

The Leftovers persuaded Turner to target Ameerah and put her on the block. The only reason Kyle left was because of his racist comments and actions. And Taylor and Monte had to convince Turner to target Michael during the double eviction because he initially wanted to stay loyal to the all-guys alliance. Plus, his second HOH was very messy, and he made many people mad.

We know that Jasmine would never vote for Turner to win Big Brother 24. And perhaps the others would be on Turner’s side if he sat next to Alyssa or Brittany in the final two. It all comes down to who is in the final two with Turner and how he pleads his case. But based on his overall gameplay, Turner doesn’t have the best odds of winning.

2. Taylor Hale

Taylor Hale will undoubtedly win America’s Favorite Houseguest, but there’s also a huge chance that she wins Big Brother 24.

She has the ultimate underdog story. Taylor was the house target during week one of Big Brother 24, but she survived. And even though she sat in the nomination chairs on eviction night on four separate occasions, Taylor persisted and found herself in the final five.

She was an integral part of the Leftovers because if they didn’t have her, they wouldn’t have the numbers to dominate the house for as long as they did. Twitter fans like to joke about “Taylor’s karma” coming back to bite the houseguests who have wronged her, but she played a hand in all of their evictions.

Taylor also probably has the best jury management of the final five. Indy and Jasmine, who bullied and hated her at the beginning of the game, said they’re rooting for Taylor to win Big Brother 24. And with her masterful gameplay during the double eviction (for those who don’t know, Taylor persuaded Monte and Turner to target Michael), she has a strong case if she makes it to the final two.

Taylor’s only downfall is her lack of competition wins. She won the Wall, but some houseguests claim that Joseph Abdin threw it to her. There’s a chance that Monte Taylor or Turner takes a shot at Taylor before the finale. However, Taylor will likely win if she is one of the final two players.


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1. Monte Taylor is the favorite to win ‘Big Brother 24’

If we had to bet on who would win Big Brother 24, it would be Monte. He has a solid final two deal with Turner and can win the necessary competitions to make it to the finale.

He won the final five HOH competition, securing his spot in the final four. Monte will target one of the women, and if everything goes to plan, he could trade off HOHs with Turner until the end of the summer. However, if one of the women wins the next HOH, they would likely target Turner before Monte. This puts Monte in a great position and almost guarantees he sees the final three.

Of course, this is the Big Brother house, and anything could happen. But if Monte is sitting in the final two, unless it’s next to Taylor, he will win the $750,000 prize.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs Sunday, Sept. 11, at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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