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Big Brother 24 fans were ecstatic when the Leftovers formed during week three, as it seemed like the season was taking a turn for the better. Now, the alliance is starting to fracture as members plan for the future. Kyle Capener, in particular, fears that some of the Leftovers will recruit other Big Brother 24 houseguests to plot against him.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother 24 live feeds.]

Kyle Capener, who is a houseguest in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, wears a gray hoodie.
Kyle Capener | Photo: CBS

Spoiler alert: Michael Bruner is the new HOH

Head of Household Monte Taylor tried to warn Nicole Layog that she wouldn’t have the numbers to stay against Taylor Hale. However, she and her Big Brother 24 bestie Daniel Durston didn’t listen. Daniel used the Power of Veto to take down Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos from the block, and Monte chose Taylor and Nicole as his replacement nominees.

Before the live eviction, Nicole and Daniel realized that the house wasn’t on their side. They quickly spiraled out of control and confronted numerous players. But none of it mattered because the houseguests evicted Nicole from Big Brother 24 in a 9-1 vote.

The remaining 12 houseguests, minus Monte, competed in the HOH competition. The live feeds were down for this event. When they returned, the Leftovers had reason to celebrate — Michael Bruner is the new HOH. And he’s expressed that he wants to backdoor Daniel. However, Kyle thinks there are bigger fish to fry in Big Brother 24.

Kyle expresses his worries about a new alliance in ‘Big Brother 24’

During the late hours of Aug. 4 (or early hours of Aug. 5), Kyle and Michael discussed their next steps in Big Brother 24.

For context: Earlier in the week, Kyle expressed to Michael that he wanted to go far with him, Brittany Hoopes, Matthew Turner, and Alyssa. He doesn’t want to go against Monte and Joseph Abdin in physical competitions late in the game. So Kyle thinks it’s best if, of the Leftovers, they leave first.

Flash-forward to the start of week five, Kyle told the new HOH that he worries a new alliance could form that would send him home if he were on the block beside Daniel — Joseph, Monte, Taylor, Indy, Terrance Higgins, and Jasmine Davis. As you notice, this group comprises all of the people of color in the house.

Kyle said:

“I would not mind if Daniel goes. He has not been someone that I’ve trusted in this game. But that possibility of those six with that background, I mean, it looks very similar to the Cookout with a very diverse background. They’ve all expressed why they’re in this game. Joseph, more Middle Eastern representation in TV. Indy, there’s never been a Brazilian contestant or winner. Everyone has those strong ‘why’s’ that all coincide. I look at our alliance and it’s like, it was great because it was based out of necessity and our backs were against the wall and that’s what brought us together. Take away that necessity or the fear of a bigger alliance out there … I don’t know. That’s my biggest fear right now.”

There are many flaws in his logic. First, Jasmine and Indy hate Taylor and would likely never work with her. Secondly, Kyle wants to form an all-White alliance. And three out of the four evicted Big Brother 24 houseguests were POC. His worries are unjustified.


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Why ‘Big Brother 24’ fans aren’t happy with Kyle

After Kyle’s troubling confession, Big Brother 24 fans jumped on Reddit to express their disappointment in him.

One person said, “He didn’t hide any words. No way to defend it at all. Kyle has been in groups with most of the people he’s talking about. He knows where they stand. This is his play to save him and Alyssa. He’s doing this on purpose. We cannot forgive this.”

Another fan wrote, “Maybe Ameerah [Jones] had a point overcorrecting to dissuade people thinking she’s in a [Cookout] because there will always be someone like Kyle that wants to push that narrative even when he is openly given information by POC [houseguests], and they are clearly closer to other White [houseguests]. How disappointing, but expected.”

“[Oh my god] is he out of his MIND?” a Reddit user added. “INDY HATES TAYLOR WHY WOULD THEY BE ALIGNED? This is so blatant.”

“Well, now Kyle is my least favorite player,” one fan commented.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Sunday, Aug. 7, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.