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Big Brother 24 has had its fair share of ups and downs. From thrilling alliances to nasty bullying, fans have seen it all. However, producers threw another curveball at the players when they introduced a new twist that split the house in half. While the inside group has been primarily drama-free, the outsiders have been neck-deep in utter chaos since they moved into the backyard. And that’s partly thanks to Big Brother 24 houseguest Kyle Capener.

Kyle Capener, who stars in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, wears a dark gray tank top and black sunglasses.
Kyle Capener | Photo: CBS

Kyle betrayed the Leftovers in ‘Big Brother 24’

After Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins won the seventh Head of Household competition of Big Brother 24, they picked which four houseguests would join their respective teams. Michael would headline the “Big Brochella” group with Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, and Jasmine Davis. And Terrance’s “Dyre Fest” crew consists of Kyle, Alyssa Snider, Joseph Abdin, and Matthew Turner.

The “Dyre Fest” group has to live in the backyard, while the “Big Brochella” members are in the house.

Since Terrance is the HOH, it was his duty to nominate two of the four players in his group for eviction. He made it clear that Joseph was his target. However, Kyle wanted to ensure that he and his showmance Alyssa stayed off the block. So he devised a plan to throw Joseph and Turner under the bus.

Kyle first spoke with Alyssa on Friday, Aug. 19, and he exposed the Leftovers alliance. Kyle then informed Terrance that he, Joseph, Turner, Michael, Brittany, Monte, and Taylor had been working together since week three. He claimed he was at the bottom of the alliance, ready to jump ship.

Kyle made a pitch to Terrance that included a new Big Brother 24 alliance of the two of them, Alyssa, Michael, and Brittany. In exchange, the HOH would keep him and Alyssa off the block. Terrance agreed, and he later nominated Turner and Joseph for eviction.

Fans are divided over this game move

After Kyle’s betrayal, Big Brother 24 fans had differing opinions on his move to expose the Leftovers. Some believed that since he was at the bottom of the alliance after he refused to use the Power of Veto during week six, his decision to split up the Leftovers was smart. And others think that Kyle sealed his fate and will be leaving the house as soon as possible.

One Reddit user said, “Kyle was at the bottom of the alliance, though, so he had to try something. After this is over, he’ll have Terrance and Alyssa on his side and maybe Michael and Britt (doubtful). The best thing for him would be if Jasmine wins veto, and then he’s in a split house.”

“Sort of curious about this … What other plays did Kyle have right now?” a fan added. “He correctly identified he is at the bottom of his alliance. I’m not sure what other moves he has except to try to weaken it.”

Another person wrote, “[Kyle] isolated himself from others, and never painted Alyssa as someone his group doesn’t have to worry about till it was too late. He actually tried to get her out multiple times before, but suddenly it’s not a good plan anymore? He made some mistakes that put him in the spot he is in now.”


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Why Kyle’s game was doomed before he outed the Leftovers in ‘Big Brother 24’

The answer to whether or not Kyle made the worst move of Big Brother 24 by exposing the Leftovers is complicated. Yes, it was a Hail Mary that he employed to guarantee his and Alyssa’s safety for one week. And so far, it’s worked.

Terrance nominated Turner and Joseph when he was initially going to nominate Kyle and Joseph. Of course, there is a veto to be played, and things can change overnight. However, as of now, Kyle made a good short-term move. When we start looking to the future, though, that’s when things get tricky.

Kyle has broken the trust of six other people still in the game. And a majority of them will be on the jury on finale night. Do you think they will vote for Kyle to win if he makes it to the final two? Probably not. Plus, Juror #1 Indy Santos made it clear that she blames Kyle for her eviction. He likely doesn’t have her vote either.

If we flashback to before the split house twist in Big Brother 24, Kyle had already doomed his game. He was sitting pretty by playing the middle between the Pound and Michael, Brittany, and Taylor. But then Kyle’s insane theory about another Cookout alliance pushed him to spiral and overplay. Plus, his dedication to his showmance has caused some of the Leftovers to want to target him next.

Overall, Kyle’s betrayal of the Leftovers was the right move during week seven of Big Brother 24. But his previous actions are what put him in this position, and they are what will likely cause him to lose the game.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Wednesday, Aug. 24, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.