‘Big Brother 24’: Paloma Aguilar Reveals She Had a ‘Mental Break’ in the House

Big Brother 24 has been a wild ride, and the players have only been in the house for two weeks. From bullying to confounding twists, it’s hard to keep up with all the happenings. However, the game got serious during week one when Paloma Aguilar left the Big Brother house. Now, the former houseguest is coming clean about why she exited the game.

Paloma Aguilar, who competed in 'Big Brother 24,' wears an orange tank top.
Paloma Aguilar | Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Paloma exited ‘Big Brother 24’ after one week

Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli became the Backstage Boss in the Big Brother 24 premiere, and he gave backstage passes to Paloma Aguilar, Alyssa Snider, and Brittany Hoopes. It was unclear what the twist would entail, but Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany knew they weren’t safe.

Despite the unknown, Paloma decided that she would start playing the game hard on night one. She formed alliances and even committed to a final two with Alyssa. Plus, she immediately started targeting Taylor Hale. However, being in the Big Brother house quickly took a toll on Paloma.

Big Brother fans started noticing some strange behavior from Paloma in the days leading up to the first live eviction. She claimed that she believed they were all living in an “Inception-like dream” and that everything was a simulation. Paloma would go on tangents about nonsensical things, and many viewers were worried about her mental health.

During the July 14 episode of Big Brother 24, host Julie Chen Moonves informed the audience that Paloma left the game for personal reasons. Because of her exit, producers canceled the live vote and eviction. And the remaining houseguests moved on to the second Head of Household competition of the summer.

Paloma revealed what happened to her in the Big Brother house

A week following her Big Brother 24 exit, Paloma emerged on TikTok. One fan previously made a video detailing why Paloma’s behavior in the house was concerning. And they expressed their concern for her mental health.

Paloma commented on the TikTok video, “Just want to say — seriously thank you so much for this. I genuinely lost touch with reality because my brain went into overdrive and had a mental break.”

This is the first time fans have heard from Paloma following her departure from the Big Brother house. But she later opened up to Us Weekly about her Big Brother 24 experience.


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The former houseguest addresses racist allegations

During her interview with Us Weekly, Paloma discussed what made her quit Big Brother 24 and the racist allegations she’s received from fans.

“No 750,000 dollars was worth the cost of my mental health,” Paloma explained. “It’s crazy how people jump to conclusions with the whole racist bit — Taylor and I are actually good friends so please keep hyping her up! She’s a QUEEN.”

She continued, “Her and I became actually very close towards the end — the thing is they cut the beginning clips and ran with it. I told her I didn’t want to hear it in the last episode because I was exhausted and I knew our girl well enough that it didn’t even matter because she’s just trying to play [the] game either way.”

“She didn’t try to ally with any of the girls and unfortunately our convo about that wasn’t aired,” Paloma shared. “Only love for this girl. I can’t wait for her to come out so we can talk about it as two strong women.”

A special, two-hour episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Sunday, July 24, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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