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One episode remains in Big Brother 24, and only three houseguests are left in the running for the $750,000 grand prize. And we predicted which final player has the best shot at convincing the jury to vote for them to win. But half of that battle is jury management, which will come into play in the Big Brother 24 finale.

Matthew Turner, who is not currently a part of the 'Big Brother 24' jury, wears a light tan hoodie and tan bandana around his head.
Matthew Turner | Photo: CBS

3. Matthew Turner has the worst jury management in ‘Big Brother 24’

There’s no doubt about it — the Big Brother 24 jury hates Matthew Turner. At least, a majority of them feel betrayed by him because of the way they exited the game. But Jasmine Davis does actually dislike Turner since the two always butted heads inside the Big Brother house.

So because of his fights with Jasmine, Turner won’t get her vote regardless of who he’s sitting next to at the end. She will pick Monte Taylor or Taylor Hale over Turner.

Before Michael Bruner’s eviction, Turner promised he would never nominate Michael because he was the only other LGBTQ member in the house. Turner went back on his word and sent Michael out the door. During his exits interviews, Michael said that betrayal left a bad taste in his mouth, and he was displeased with Turner.

In the days leading up to Joseph Abdin’s eviction, Joseph saw a different side of Turner. He expressed in his exit interviews that Turner was rude to him and ignored him.

Finally, Turner lied to Alyssa Snider up to the moment she was evicted. She was supposedly his best friend in the house, but Turner never came clean about voting her out until his goodbye message. Alyssa has all of the makings of a bitter juror, and we don’t see her voting for Turner to win.

2. Monte Taylor

Monte’s jury management in Big Brother 24 has been OK. He’s made a few mistakes in the past few weeks but hasn’t done much to ruffle any feathers. It seems like Monte never considered jury management when playing the game.

However, Monte did make mistakes when it came to Michael and Brittany Hoopes’ jury votes. He entered a “gentleman’s agreement” with Turner and Michael the week leading up to the double eviction. However, Monte went back on that promise when he used the Power of Veto to send Michael home that week. Michael likely won’t be a bitter juror, but if Monte is up against Taylor, he’ll vote for Taylor.

As for Brittany, Monte started shunning her the week after Michael left. They were supposed to have a final three deal with Taylor, but Monte didn’t care about that. He couldn’t trust Brittany, so he decided that she was expendable.

Finally, their relationship was shattered beyond repair when Monte confessed to Brittany that their trust was permanently broken. And with that conversation, Monte lost Brittany’s jury vote in Big Brother 24.


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1. Taylor Hale has the best jury management in ‘Big Brother 24’

We think all fans will agree that Taylor has done the best job of managing the jury in Big Brother 24. She started as one of the most hated houseguests, and now she’s one of the most beloved among the evicted players.

Almost every person who has exited the game has sung the praises of Taylor. Many are rooting for her to win, including Indy Santos, Jasmine, Joseph, Michael, Alyssa, and Brittany. So if Taylor makes it to the final two chairs, there’s a good chance that she wins.

Taylor has overcome many obstacles in the Big Brother 24 house, which gives her a good story to tell to the jury. Plus, through it all, she has remained kind. Taylor has played a fantastic social game, and the jury will undoubtedly reward her for it.

The two-hour Big Brother 24 finale airs on Sunday, Sept. 25, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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