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Jury management plays a huge factor in determining the winner of Big Brother every year, and we expect that to be the case in season 24. The final three is all but determined, meaning that the one houseguest on the outs is aware that they are leaving. And according to Big Brother 24 spoilers, she wants to ensure that the person responsible for her eviction doesn’t win the game.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother 24 live feeds.]

Brittany Hoopes, who, according to 'Big Brother 24' spoilers, will be the next houseguest evicted from the game, wears a jean jacket over a red dress with yellow lines on it.
Brittany Hoopes | Photo: CBS

Brittany Hoopes is nominated in ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 11

Taylor Hale won the Big Brother 24 Week 11 Head of Household competition, securing her spot in the final three. She nominated Brittany Hoopes and Matthew Turner for eviction because one of them lied to her about the previous vote. And since nominations don’t matter once the game widdles down to the final four, Taylor didn’t get any blood on her hands.

The final four Power of Veto is one of the most important competitions in Big Brother. Whoever wins ensures their place in the finale, and they decide who is the sole vote to evict that week. And since Monte Taylor won the POV during week 11, he would determine who would be the third player in the final three next to himself and Taylor.

Monte has been closely aligned with Turner since the Kyle Capener situation unfolded. Turner would bring him to the final two, so, of course, Monte wants to keep Turner in the game. Brittany tried to plead her case regarding why Monte should keep her, but he dismissed her. So per Big Brother 24 spoilers, Monte will evict Brittany on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Brittany doesn’t respect Monte’s game

Once Brittany accepted her fate, she started trashing Monte’s game. During one of her cam talks on Monday, Sept. 19, she explained why she doesn’t think he should win.

“I don’t even think [Monte] has played that great of a game,” Brittany shared. “I could be wrong. Maybe it’s so hidden and so brilliant that I’m just missing it. But in my eyes, he got protected by Michael far too long and then he won one random veto, took Michael out, and he has been set on me since then. Boo. It’s not even that impressive.”

She added, “If he takes out Turner final three, even then I would vote for Taylor ’cause she deserves it, and I like her better. I wonder if Taylor makes it if I could convince the girls to all vote for her. The girls and Michael. I wonder if Michael would do it … Probably not. Well, Michael liked Taylor. Michael was friends with Taylor. That would be pretty amazing.”

Brittany continued to explain why Monte wasn’t playing a good game on Tuesday, Sept. 20, while talking with Taylor in the HOH room. She said Monte hadn’t taken any risks, and that might come back to bite him in the finale.

“I think he thinks the jury is like how he left them,” Brittany said. “And he has such an inflated sense of what a good, clean game he’s played … to certain people. Do you think I think you’ve played a good, clean game? No, because every time I ask if you’re close with Turner, you deny it, and I know you are now. Plus, most of the people that seemed to have liked you left months ago. Do you think their perception of you hasn’t changed? Absolutely.”

Brittany then promised that if Taylor were in the final two against Monte, she would try her hardest to rally the votes for her to win.


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Will Brittany have any influence over the ‘Big Brother 24’ jury?

Based on exit interviews, most jurors aren’t fans of Brittany. That’s why she is the perfect person to bring to the final two — anyone would win against her. Alas, Monte doesn’t see it that way, and Brittany is ready for revenge.

It will be hard for Brittany to convince the jury to be on Team Taylor since she doesn’t have much influence with them. But thankfully for Taylor, most jurors said they would like to see her win the game. So there’s a chance that Brittany’s efforts to tank Monte’s game are unnecessary.

Plus, because Brittany will be the second to last juror, she won’t go to the jury house. She will see her fellow evicted houseguests during the jury round table, and then she will be sequestered in a hotel room.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs Thursday, Sept. 22, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. In the meantime, check in to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more Big Brother 24 spoilers.

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