‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: Fans Call out Indy for Making ‘Physical Threats’ Toward Brittany

The Big Brother 24 houseguests cannot have one peaceful night inside the house. After shaking up the game with the first blindside eviction of the summer, the cast was in disarray on Thursday, July 28. And according to Big Brother 24 spoilers, when it came time to choose the next Have-Nots, Indy Santos made a few comments that rubbed some fans the wrong way.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother 24 live feeds.]

Indy Santos wears a cropped white tank top and jeans. Indy, according 'Big Brother 24' spoilers, wasn't happy with Brittany on Thursday, July 28.
Indy Santos | Photo: CBS

Spoiler alert: Indy and Alyssa chose the next set of ‘Big Brother 24’ Have-Nots

As the former Have-Nots, Indy and Alyssa Snider had to choose the next Have-Nots for week four. They needed to pick a Festie Bestie duo, and their decision did not come easy.

Indy and Alyssa wanted to choose players who hadn’t been Have-Nots before, but the only pair that met that criteria were Matthew Turner and Jasmine Davis. Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale also haven’t been Have-Nots, but their Besties previously were.

Indy said, “I just feel bad that Jasmine has to go all the way up the stairs. I feel bad. I am not putting her. I’m sorry, guys. Brittany and Michael [Bruner].” However, Brittany reminded her that Michael’s birthday was coming up. So Indy declared, “Cancel. It’s his birthday. But Brittany, it’s time for you. Like, last time, you could do it.”

According to Big Brother 24 spoilers, Indy and Alyssa ultimately decided on Turner and Jasmine as the next Have-Nots.

Fans aren’t happy about Indy’s behavior

A group of Big Brother 24 fans discussed the Have-Not spoilers in a Reddit thread. Many were annoyed with Indy for scolding Brittany about not being a Have-Not. And others pointed out that Indy later made an alarming comment regarding the situation.

One Reddit user wrote, “Literal physical threats were verbalized as a result of this decision.” Another person elaborated, “A few minutes later, Indy was talking to Jasmine, and I think Alyssa in the front bedroom, and she said [she] wanted to punch Brittany in the face.”

After Indy made the controversial comments about Brittany, live feed viewers were upset with her.

A fan pointed out, “This is so funny because Indy absolutely never volunteered to be a Have-Not and pitched a fit about it when she got chosen. Saying Brittany needs to ‘step up’ and volunteer is a joke.”

“It was nasty,” a different Reddit user commented.

Brittany also spoke to Taylor later about the situation. And she said, “I don’t get why [Indy] had to come for me like that.” And Taylor agreed that it was “unnecessary.”

Spoiler alert: Who is the fourth ‘Big Brother 24’ HOH?

The Leftovers officially took over the Big Brother house after they voted Ameerah Jones out of the game in Thursday’s episode. And fans couldn’t be happier.

Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, Turner, Taylor, Michael, and Brittany came together earlier in the week and formed the Leftovers. Now that Ameerah is gone, they have the numbers to run the game. And their dominance will trickle over into week four. Per Big Brother 24 spoilers, Monte won Head of Household on Thursday night.

It’s unclear who is Monte’s main target this week, but the Leftovers have weighed Daniel Durston, Nicole Layog, and Alyssa as options. They discussed initially nominating Alyssa and Indy for eviction and then using the Power of Veto to backdoor Daniel or Nicole.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Sunday, July 31, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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