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Well, it was nice while it lasted. Big Brother 24 was riffled with controversy during its first couple of weeks, but an alliance called the Leftovers came along in week three and changed everything. Now, tiny fractures are infecting the alliance, and the group might start targeting one another sooner rather than later. But as Julie Chen Moonves says, expect the unexpected.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother 24 live feeds.]

Kyle Capener and Brittany Hoopes, who are a part of the Leftovers alliance in 'Big Brother 24,' sit on a bed. Kyle wears a blue tank top, light gray bucket hat, and sunglasses. Brittany wears a dark orange cardigan over a purple shirt.
Kyle Capener and Brittany Hoopes | Photo: CBS

The Leftovers formed during week 3 of ‘Big Brother 24’

When Matthew Turner won the Head of Household competition in Big Brother 24, fans were convinced that Taylor Hale was finally going home. She had been the house’s target since the beginning, and Turner was seemingly willing to appease his fellow houseguests. However, a group of outsiders decided to come together to better their chances of winning, and the game’s trajectory immediately changed.

Turner, Taylor, Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, Michael Bruner, and Brittany Hoopes formed the Leftovers alliance in Big Brother 24. And overnight, fans started to remember why they loved this show.

The group orchestrated a blindside that hit the other side of the house where it hurt. Turner nominated Ameerah Jones and Terrance Higgins at the Power of Veto ceremony, and they evicted Ameerah during the live show. She seemed to be the glue holding everyone together; without her, everyone outside of the Leftovers was left to scramble.

Monte won the next HOH competition, solidifying the Leftovers’ continued dominance in Big Brother 24. He initially nominated Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos for eviction. But Monte later replaced them with Nicole Layog and Taylor at the POV ceremony. Nicole should be the next to leave this week, but what’s to come after that is unknown.

Which houseguests are thinking about betraying the alliance?

Kyle’s showmance with Alyssa — which he claims isn’t a showmance even though they kissed — might be the Leftovers’ downfall in Big Brother 24.

Kyle was adamant that Alyssa had to leave the house less than a week ago. But now that he’s kissed her, he’s singing a different tune. Kyle wants Alyssa to stay for a long time, but he doesn’t have the same desires when it comes to Monte and Joseph.

During a game talk with Michael on Aug. 2, Kyle started talking about his placement within the Leftovers. He said, “It’s like nails on a chalkboard when I hear ‘let’s get to seven.’ That’s great, but I don’t want to be number seven either.”

The two agreed that Kyle should win HOH to protect Daniel Durston since he could be a number for them. They also conveyed that they might not want to have Monte or Joseph around long-term because they’re too big of threats.

Later, Michael told Brittany, “I don’t want to underestimate Alyssa, but I would rather go far with Alyssa than Monte and Joseph.” And Brittany said, “Taylor is very much on board on taking a shot at Leftovers. You were happy that Kyle said it first. Taylor is worried about that too.”

So as of right now, it sounds like Monte, Joseph, and Taylor want the next target to be either Daniel or Alyssa. But Kyle, Michael, and Brittany are seemingly on board with Indy or Terrance leaving next. And Turner might be in the middle of this looming feud.

Big Brother 24 fans will want to keep a close eye on the feeds after Nicole leaves. Depending on who wins HOH next, it will be interesting to see how the Leftovers work together next week.


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‘Big Brother 24’ fans react to the Leftovers starting to fracture

After Kyle, Michael, and Brittany began planting the seeds for the Leftovers’ demise, Big Brother 24 fans expressed their thoughts on the situation on Reddit.

“What made Kyle fun is that he wasn’t what we expected him to be,” one person wrote. “And now he’s reversed that by doing what we expected preseason: getting into a showmance and talking about his boners. No thanks.”

A Reddit user commented, “Guys, cracks in alliances are good and nothing more than seeds for weeks down the line. What do you want Kyle to do? Let the others steamroll him when the time comes?”

“I think what’s bugging me about the cracks in the alliance is that it is happening so soon and makes all of the excitement/hype there was when they formed seem really fake,” another fan said. “I don’t expect them to remain loyal forever. But like damn, give it another week or two before plotting each other’s demise.”

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Wednesday, Aug. 3, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.