‘Big Brother 24′ Spoilers: The Leftovers’ Target Changes Overnight

Things happen fast in the Big Brother house. And after a birthday celebration in the early hours of Aug. 1, talks between a dominant alliance got serious. They started discussing who they truly wanted to leave in week four. And according to Big Brother 24 spoilers, the seven houseguests agreed to shift their targets to another player.

[Spoilers alert: This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother 24 live feeds.]

According to 'Big Brother 24' spoilers, Monte Taylor won Head of Household and nominated Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos for eviction. Monte wears a dark blue shirt and the HOH key around his neck.
Monte Taylor | Photo: CBS

‘Big Brother 24’ HOH and Power of Veto spoilers

The Leftovers formed during week three, and the alliance includes Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, Matthew Turner, Taylor Hale, Michael Bruner, and Brittany Hoopes. They have a seven-person majority in a game that only has 13 players left in it. Theoretically, coupled with the Festie Bestie twist, the Leftovers should dominate Big Brother 24. But, of course, everyone should expect the unexpected.

After the house sent Ameerah Jones packing, Monte won the Head of Household competition. Since Terrance Higgins joined Monte and Joseph’s Festie Bestie group, the three of them are safe for the week.

After talking with his alliance, Monte decided it was best to nominate Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos for eviction initially. This way, the Leftovers kept their options open depending on the Power of Veto results.

Per Big Brother 24 spoilers, Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Alyssa, Indy, Kyle, and Daniel Durston competed for the POV. And Kyle and Daniel pulled out the win. The Leftovers quickly decided that they would use the POV and nominate Taylor and Nicole Layog, with Nicole being the target.

The Leftovers no longer want to target Nicole

After the POV competition on Saturday, July 30, the Big Brother 24 houseguests had an off day on Sunday, July 31. It was mostly a chill day since the Leftovers were set on their plan to backdoor Nicole. However, a late night/early morning discussion may have changed week four’s outcome.

The 13 contestants gathered in the HOH room around midnight to celebrate Michael’s birthday. And after a few hours, everyone had gone to sleep except for the Leftovers. Then, they began talking about the POV ceremony on Monday, Aug. 1, and how they were having second thoughts about putting Nicole and Taylor on the block.

The Leftovers are mainly worried about leaving Michael and Brittany vulnerable next week. Every Festie Bestie group is protected by having one player outside of their alliance in it except for Michael and Brittany. So if someone not in the Leftovers wins HOH during week five, they might choose to target the duo.

However, if Alyssa and Indy stay on the block and Alyssa goes home, they might be able to convince Indy to join Michael and Brittany’s group. Plus, they would gain favor with Nicole and Daniel.

Kyle is the only one who seemed hesitant to get on board with the plan to get Alyssa out over Nicole. He has been getting closer with Alyssa — romantically. And at the end of the day, it’s Kyle’s choice to use the POV. Fans will have to keep close attention to Big Brother 24 spoilers and the live feeds on Aug. 1 to see if the Leftovers go through with the new plan.

‘Big Brother 24’ fans react to the alliance’s new plans

After learning the Leftover’s latest target, Big Brother 24 fans jumped on Reddit to discuss the spoilers.

“This is so annoying,” one person wrote. “I want Nicole gone nowwwwwwww omg PLEASE!!! But [at this point] as long as Taylor makes it far, then [I don’t care] what happens because this cast is really unpredictable.”

Another fan said, “Personally excited that if Alyssa goes pre-jury, we get to see her live reaction to Julie [Chen Moonves] putting up the faces of The Leftovers on the screen and realizing that Kyle was in an alliance with Taylor that he hid from her.”

“I just think they’re putting way too much trust in what they think Indy will do,” a Reddit user commented. “If she chooses someone else, they’re still ‘at risk.'”

“Good morning to a season finally giving chaos,” one fan concluded.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Wednesday, Aug. 3, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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