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The Leftovers have dominated Big Brother 24 since week three. They have successfully evicted Ameerah Jones, Nicole Layog, Daniel Durston, and Indy Santos from the Big Brother house. But now, the Leftovers are starting to fracture, and a split house twist may officially end their reign. Plus, it doesn’t help that Michael Bruner exposed the alliance’s identity during Thursday’s Big Brother 24.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother 24 Episode 19 and the live feeds.]

Michael Bruner, a houseguest in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, wears a blue shirt and glasses.
Michael Bruner | Photo: CBS

Michael reveals the Leftovers during his goodbye message in ‘Big Brother 24’

The Big Brother 24 players, minus Michael, voted to evict Indy in Big Brother 24 Episode 19. As is custom with live evictions, Indy watched goodbye messages from her former houseguests during her interview with host Julie Chen Moonves. And Michael took the opportunity to further his game by taking a page out of Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez’s playbook.

Michael said, “Indy, I love you. Thank you so much for being a great friend in this house. I have to be honest. I have been working in an alliance with Monte, Joseph, Kyle, Taylor, Turner, and Brittany for the past couple of weeks. I’ve done my best to keep you safe with them. I promise you, I will try to send home the people responsible for your eviction.”

As fans remember in Big Brother 19, Josh exposed his alliance with Paul Abrahamian in his goodbye messages. This tactic made the evicted houseguests turn against Paul, and the jury awarded Josh the $500,000 prize instead of Paul. And it seems like Michael is using the same strategy for his jury management in Big Brother 24.

By exposing the Leftovers, he might gain favor with the jury. But only time will tell if Michael makes it to the final two or if his strategy works.

Michael became one of the two new HOHs in ‘Big Brother 24’

Julie Chen Moonves revealed that the Big Brother 24 houseguests would be split into two groups during week seven. So there will be two Head of Households, two sets of nominations, and two evicted players by the end of the week.

Michael came in first place at the seventh HOH competition in Big Brother 24, and Terrance came in second. So Michael is the HOH of the “Big Brochella” group inside the house, and Terrance is the HOH of the “Dyre Fest” group in the backyard.

According to Big Brother 24 spoilers, the “Big Brochella” group consists of Michael, Brittany, Taylor, Monte, and Jasmine. And Terrance, Kyle, Alyssa, Turner, and Joseph are in the “Dyre Fest” bunch.


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Who is his target?

Although Michael seems eager for the Leftovers to implode in Big Brother 24, he’s not ready to take the first shot. He has made it clear that Jasmine is his target.

However, there’s a chance that Jasmine could win the Power of Veto. If that happens, Michael will have no choice but to target a Leftover. And it would most likely be Monte, given that he has a final three deal with Taylor and Brittany.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Sunday, Aug. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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