‘Big Brother’ 24 Spoilers: Premiere Will Not Involve a Live Audience

Fans can’t wait for Big Brother 24. CBS continues to keep information about the new season under wraps, but eagle-eyed fans are on the lookout for any information they can get about the upcoming season. Recently, a reliable source said the premiere of the new season won’t involve a live audience like originally thought. Here are the latest Big Brother 24 spoilers.

[Spoiler alert: Possible Big Brother 24 spoilers ahead regarding the premiere.]

‘Big Brother’ 24 spoilers: The premiere will not involve a live audience

The 'Big Brother' 24 logo with Julie Chen Moonves sitting on top of it surrounded by pool water
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Many Big Brother fans looked forward to the possibility of a live audience. The players will once again compete for a $750,000 prize, which increased $250,000 since last season. When the season was first announced, fans expected to have live evictions and a live audience for the premiere. But current Big Brother 24 spoilers suggest a live premiere audience won’t happen.

“Production was hopeful for a live audience but had to scrap that idea (maybe because of COVID),” Sharon Tharp, a managing editor at Us Weekly, tweeted. “We could see a live audience later in the season, but who knows. They said that last year too.”

Fans on Reddit suspect production doesn’t want to risk the health of the players moving in. “Would assume it’s a liability issue,” a fan wrote. “If any of the cast members get COVID before going in, letting them could result in lawsuits for knowingly endangering the other houseguests, even if everyone is vaccinated.”

The ‘Big Brother’ 24 cast will be announced on July 5, 2022


While the current Big Brother 24 spoilers suggest there’s no live audience for the premiere, fans are still eager to hear more about the Big Brother 24 cast. So far, CBS hasn’t shared any information about the cast. Eager future viewers expected CBS to release the cast on June 29, 2022 — a week before the premiere. Unfortunately, fans have to continue to wait.

On June 30, 2022, the Big Brother Twitter announced CBS will release the cast listing for the season on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. The new season premieres Wednesday, July 6, 2022, which leaves just one day for fans to see who’s part of the new cast before delving into the premiere.

Julie Chen Moonves left clues on social media regarding the season’s theme

Even the theme of Big Brother 24 is still under wraps. Host Julie Chen Moonves posted a cryptic social media post of her outdoors looking over her shoulder while wearing a pink floral dress, and the post allegedly has clues hidden within regarding the new season’s theme. “It’s giving first day of summer and two weeks until #BB24,” she captioned the post. “But can you spot any clues?”

Fans on Reddit took their best guesses as to what’s to what Big Brother 24 spoilers may be hiding in plain sight.

“It doesn’t look like she’s looking back; she’s definitely looking up,” a fan noted. “Either to the sky or looking at something bigger. Maybe it’s like a dollhouse theme? Everything is bigger in size to make the houseguests feel tiny?”

“This is such an awkward pose it must mean something lol,” another fan commented.

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