‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Is ‘Frustrated’ at Monte For Not Taking Accountability For His Actions

Big Brother 24 was full of ups and downs, with the downs mainly relating to the bullying of Taylor Hale. And Monte Taylor was at the center of a lot of the mistreatment toward the winner of Big Brother 24. But there is one thing that Monte did in the game that frustrates Taylor to this day.

Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale, who starred in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, sit in the final two chairs. Monte wears a dark blue long-sleeved button-up shirt and jeans. Taylor wears a light pink bejeweled jumpsuit.
Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

Monte mistreated Taylor in ‘Big Brother 24’

Paloma Aguilar and Alyssa Snider started the “I Hate Taylor” campaign on the first night of Big Brother 24. They didn’t like how she carried herself or that she was a “pageant girl. So they immediately judged her without getting to know her.

Paloma and Alyssa started an all-girls alliance that purposefully excluded Taylor. And one of their main goals was to evict Taylor from the house. But they also wanted to target men.

During the first week, Taylor informed Monte that the women might be coming after him. He took this information back to Paloma, and, of course, she denied it. From there, the Taylor hate grew stronger.

Monte immediately believed Paloma over Taylor and smeared Taylor’s name to everyone in the house. He even comforted the Head of Household, Daniel Durston, who was worried about putting two Black people on the block. Monte also inferred that Taylor was not a good representation of Black women.

Later in Big Brother 24, Taylor and Monte reconciled and grew closer due to working together within the Leftovers alliance. However, Monte would continue to say hurtful things about Taylor while speaking with Terrance Higgins. At one point, he even called her “damaged goods.”

Taylor and Monte entered a showmance in the last couple of weeks of the game. They “broke up” when Taylor took her headphones back from Monte. And he gaslit her into thinking she did something wrong. In the end, Taylor had the last laugh when Monte brought her to the final two, and she won Big Brother 24 in an 8-1 vote.

Taylor explains her frustrations with Monte

Following the season finale, Taylor sat down with Taran Armstrong from Rob Has a Podcast to talk about her game.

They discussed how the Leftovers argued over whether or not Kyle Capener should use the Power of Veto to backdoor Alyssa. Kyle defended Alyssa by saying, “What if we’re sending a nice girl home?” This upset Taylor because she never had the privilege of being a “nice girl” in the game. And in the video, Taylor revealed her frustrations with Monte that stemmed from that week.

“It’s just so interesting because I had that conversation with Monte about how I was very frustrated that Kyle wouldn’t use this veto and what it meant for me as a woman of color in the game. And the language that was used to say why Alyssa should stay in the game.” Taylor explained. “But what’s really frustrating to this day is that Monte will still not fully acknowledge or take ownership in his role in that. To hear it, but not act on it or defend me in the game.”

She continued, “We decided that we were going to talk game and work together. And he still wouldn’t take that seriously enough to see it reflected in his own life … until it directly impacted him.”

The winner touches on the word ‘nice’ in the house

Taylor also discussed the “nice girl” comments while speaking with Showbiz Cheat Sheet in her post-finale interview.

The winner said, “When you have people who do not look like me, who are in the house, who make a mistake that people know you should never make in the game of Big Brother, make a very easily evictable offense that could make my entire alliance just have a very easy week. It’s very frustrating to have people just rally so hard for them because there are so many opportunities in this house where I was never given the benefit to just be nice and in other aspects with Monte.”

“That conversation I had, you know, it took a lot for us to grow from where we started in the game to where we were at that point in the game as friends,” Taylor explained. “I was really excited to reach that point with him. So for him to so quickly revert into wanting to push me back into a smaller position, I grew larger as a more bold [woman].”

She continued, “I took up more space, and I think he was threatened by the fact that I was taking up so much space. So he was insinuating you need to be smaller. You need to go back to what I’m more comfortable with. And, you know, luckily enough, at that point in the game, I had enough under my belt to say, ‘No, I’m not going to just be nice anymore.'”

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