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A majority of Big Brother 24 fans were obsessed with Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin’s dynamic in the game. And now that they’ve escaped the house, the fans can’t get enough of their relationship. Taylor and Joseph have rarely left one another’s side since the finale, and they have even begun traveling together.

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin, who met in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, sit next to each other on a couch. Taylor wears a light purple dress. Joseph wears a light blue shirt.
Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin | Photo: CBS

Joseph and Taylor met because of ‘Big Brother 24’

Although they saw one another on the studio lot before the game started, Taylor and Joseph officially met in the Big Brother 24 house. And they had an immediate connection.

Joseph was one of the few people who cared about Taylor early in the game, and he would go out of his way to talk to her when others were running out of every room she entered. Taylor was very appreciative of Joseph’s friendship, and their connection soon turned flirtatious.

The duo was a part of the Leftovers alliance, and that association allowed their relationship to grow. Taylor and Joseph stayed up late together talking, and she later admitted to having a crush on him while speaking with Brittany Hoopes. They even entered a “fauxmance” for strategic purposes, but their time together was cut short, thanks to the split house twist.

The twist separated the house into two groups — Big Brochella and Dyre Fest. Taylor stayed inside at Big Brochella, and Joseph was a part of the Dyre Fest crew in the backyard. Unfortunately, Kyle Capener threw Joseph under the bus, and he was evicted from the game. When the surviving houseguests reunited, Taylor was devastated. And it didn’t help that the Dyre Fest houseguests lied and said Joseph betrayed her.

Taylor went on to have a brief fling with Monte Taylor, but nothing could distract her from focusing on the game. She made the final two with Monte, and Taylor won Big Brother 24 in an 8-1 vote. Joseph was one of the jurors to vote for her.

The two left LA together a week after the finale

Taylor and Joseph stayed in Los Angeles at Todrick Hall’s house with other Big Brother 24 houseguests following the finale. But a week after Taylor’s win, the duo left LA and hopped on a plane to Reno, Nevada, where the Miss USA pageant is being held. Taylor posted parts of their traveling journey on her Instagram stories.

The competition will air on Monday, Oct. 3, at 8 p.m. ET on FYI. As fans recall, Taylor competed in Miss USA 2021 and won the Miss Congeniality award. And Taylor and Joseph will be attending the 2022 event together, so fans should keep an eye out for them during the show.

Miss USA won’t be the last time Taylor and Joseph travel together after competing in Big Brother 24. As America’s Favorite Houseguest, Taylor won a cruise for two, and she plans on taking Joseph. And there are rumors that the duo will join The Amazing Race for its next season.


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Are Taylor and Joseph dating following the ‘Big Brother 24’ finale?

Taylor and Joseph have only been out of the Big Brother 24 house for a week, so they’re hesitant to put a label on their relationship.

“We spent a lot of time apart, like, literal weeks apart, and in those weeks, I had a lot of people messing with my head trying to make me doubt any friendship [or] relationship with Joseph,” Taylor told Us Weekly. “And I’m still trying to work through that … So, walking out, I need to make sure that I’m taking care of myself first and that I have my own stability, my own head on straight.”

She continued, “I don’t wanna be too dependent on Joseph to help me through that. He’s literally the best support system ever. Everybody saw that in the game, and getting it back is the best thing in the world. But I don’t wanna jump into a relationship, almost trauma-bonding with someone. I just wanna make sure that I have my head straight. He’s good. And then we can really work on exploring.”

Joseph added, “There’s no reason to rush it. There’s no reason to overload or overstimulate. Let’s just take it slow. Especially for Taylor, she was in the house longer. She won. She had a lot more that she was facing with, so a slow and steady pace is how we’re kind of going with this.”

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