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Although Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin didn’t enter a real showmance in the Big Brother 24 house, they have been inseparable since leaving it. And while fans can’t get enough of their friendship/relationship, Taylor and Joseph are determined to take it slow. But given new details about how they met, they seemed destined to find one another.

Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale, who starred in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, hug. Joseph wears a light yellow shirt. Taylor wears a black tank top.
Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

Taylor and Joseph reconnected after leaving the ‘Big Brother 24’ house

Many Big Brother 24 fans “shipped” Taylor and Joseph while they were in the house. He was one of the only people to comfort and support her when she experienced relentless bullying and torment from other houseguests. They soon established a close friendship, which only strengthened when the Leftovers alliance was formed.

Sadly, the split house twist separated Taylor and Joseph, with Taylor staying inside at Big Brochella and Joseph heading to the backyard for Dyre Fest. And after Kyle Capener exposed the Leftovers, Joseph’s game was doomed. He was evicted from the game and didn’t get to say goodbye to Taylor.

When the surviving houseguests reunited, the backyard players threw Joseph under the bus. They told Taylor that he betrayed her and acted horribly at Dyre Fest, leading her to believe some of their lies. However, at the finale, Joseph voted for Taylor to win. And he informed her that he had never stabbed her in the back.

After Taylor’s historic win, she and Joseph reconnected and have been spending a lot of time together.

They revealed the first time they saw each other

Taylor and Joseph sat down with Us Weekly a few days following the Big Brother 24 finale to discuss their relationship inside and outside the house. And Joseph revealed he remembers seeing Taylor before the game began.

“I kind of saw Taylor a little bit right before we walked in,” Joseph explained. “So she always stayed on my radar in that aspect. I was like, ‘God damn.’ So even on premiere night, when I walked in, the first thing — which I just, like, hours ago find out I’m coming on the show – I’m like, ‘Where’d that girl go?'”

Taylor and Joseph accidentally crossed paths on the CBS Studios lot before the premiere. Of course, they couldn’t talk to one another because of the game. However, that wasn’t the first time they came close to meeting before the show.

Taylor posted a message from a recruiter on her Instagram story that read, “Crazy story. I tried to recruit both of you [Taylor and Joseph] for FBOY Island, and you both couldn’t do it (you had Miss USA, he had the bar exam). And you both ended up on a reality tv show together.”

It sounds like Taylor and Joseph’s meeting was kismet.


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Are Taylor and Joseph dating following the ‘Big Brother 24’ finale?

While speaking with Us Weekly, Taylor and Joseph addressed the status of their relationship.

“I need to make sure that I’m taking care of myself first and that I have my own stability, my own head on straight,” Taylor shared. “I don’t wanna be too dependent on Joseph to help me through that. He’s literally the best support system ever. Everybody saw that in the game, and getting it back is the best thing in the world.”

She continued, “But I don’t wanna jump into a relationship, almost trauma-bonding with someone. I just wanna make sure that I have my head straight. He’s good. And then we can really work on exploring … We’re making sure we’re taking care of ourselves. But yeah, I’m not gonna let go of Joseph anytime soon.”

Joseph added, “We are truly just taking everything day by day. We do just naturally love and enjoy each other’s company. So we won’t allow any pressure or anything to force something … We have the time. And I told her this before, ‘This time, I won’t disappear to the yard.’ And we do have that luxury, so there’s no reason to rush it.”

“There’s no reason to overload or overstimulate,” he concluded. “Let’s just take it slow. Especially for Taylor, she was in the house longer. She won. She had a lot more that she was facing with, so a slow and steady pace is how we’re kind of going with this.”

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