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It looks like Big Brother 24.5 is over, folks. Following the Big Brother 24 finale, Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin have been very busy. They have given numerous interviews, explored Los Angeles, watched episodes of Big Brother 24, and spent a lot of quality time together. However, that time has now come to an end.

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin, who starred in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, sit next to one another on a couch. Taylor wears a light purple dress. Joseph wears a light blue shirt.
Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin | Photo: CBS

Joseph and Taylor have been inseparable since the ‘Big Brother 24’ finale

Taylor and Joseph met in the Big Brother 24 house on July 6. Immediately, the other houseguests bullied and gaslit Taylor into thinking she was an ignorant and terrible person. However, Joseph would always be kind to her and helped pull her into the Leftovers alliance.

There was clear romantic tension between them, and the two began a “flirtmance” that later turned into a “fauxmance.” But Taylor and Joseph never crossed the line into showmance territory.

Sadly, the split house twist separated the duo, and they didn’t get to see one another again until the finale. Joseph was evicted, and certain houseguests lied to Taylor, saying Joseph betrayed her during Dyre Fest.

Later in the season, Taylor and Monte Taylor began a showmance. But that quickly fizzled out, and Taylor beat Monte in the final two to win Big Brother 24 in an 8-1 vote.

After the Big Brother 24 finale, Taylor learned that Joseph hadn’t thrown her under the bus during Dyre Fest, and they reconciled. After escaping the house, they stayed with other Big Brother alums at Todrick Hall’s home in LA for a few weeks. And Taylor and Joseph’s relationship seems to be as strong as ever, even though they’re not technically dating as of the writing of this article.

The pair return to their respective homes

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, Taylor and Joseph announced on social media that they were finally returning to their respective homes for the first time since the Big Brother 24 finale. Taylor traveled back to Michigan, and Joseph went home to Florida.

However, this isn’t the end of “Jaylor.”

After news spread that Taylor and Joseph were leaving LA, she tweeted, “24.5 ain’t over — we’re just taking a one-week hiatus.” Fans have been calling Taylor and Joseph’s adventures following the finale “Big Brother 24.5,” so that’s what she is referring to.

One fan commented, “So what you’re saying is … we can catch up on all the sleep we need for a week, to prepare us for the next round? Ight bet … say less.” And Taylor replied, “Sleep now because what we’ve got planned will have y’all up and the least rested you’ve ever been for the rest of the month.”

So fans can expect to see a lot more content from Taylor and Joseph in October.


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Taylor and Joseph want to go to therapy before starting a relationship

During an interview with The Reality Kingdom, Taylor updated fans on her and Joseph’s relationship outside Big Brother 24.

“Let me say it right now — no one has asked me to be their girlfriend,” Taylor shared. “I am not in a committed relationship.”

She continued, “There have been moments where I have felt inseparable from Joseph. I know that he and I, whatever we end up being, whether it’s a long-term relationship, married with kids, or the closest friendship in the world like Janelle [Pierzina] and Kaysar [Ridha] to this day, he is someone that right now I want to be bonded to forever. But I don’t want that to be trauma bonding.”

“So I need him in this time, and he needs me in this time,” the Big Brother 24 winner concluded. “But for exploring the rest of our relationship, that’s the reason why we are taking therapy, to make sure our heads are right. So that when and if we do enter that romantic relationship, we have the capacity and the bones set for a long-term experience. Because I don’t want this to fall apart after two months.”

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