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What happened in the Big Brother 24 house between Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor is going to stay in the Big Brother 24 house. The winner and runner-up got closer in the season’s final weeks, but after the finale, the sparks between them burned out for good.

Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale, who starred in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, sit next to each other in the final two. Monte wears a dark blue floral button-up shirt and jeans. Taylor wears a pink gem-studded jumpsuit.
Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

Taylor and Monte had a late showmance in ‘Big Brother 24’

During Monte’s Head of Household reign in Big Brother 24 Week 10, he and Taylor had a sleepover in his room. One thing led to another, and the two shared their first kiss. The live feeds quickly cut away from them, and fans were shocked, to say the least, at what had transpired.

Taylor and Monte continued to hook up during his HOH week and the following week since Taylor won the final four HOH. Fans weren’t sure if their connection was only physical or if they had feelings for one another. And after a fight concerning headphones painted Monte in a negative light, it seemed as though their relationship likely wouldn’t survive in the real world. Nevertheless, their romance persisted after the spat.

Taylor sadly lost the first two parts of the final HOH competition of Big Brother 24. So she had to rely on someone else to bring her to the end. However, Taylor used her social and strategic game to convince Monte that he would lose if he brought Turner to the final two. So when Monte won the final HOH, he took Taylor, and she demolished him.

In an 8-1 vote, the jury crowned Taylor the Big Brother 24 winner. And with only Turner’s vote, Monte was the runner-up.

The winner reconnects with Joseph and learns the truth about Dyre Fest

After escaping the Big Brother 24 house, Taylor discovered that Joseph Abdin didn’t betray her like she thought he did during Dyre Fest. As fans recall, Taylor and Joseph had a close friendship that turned flirtatious over the weeks. And it was only after Joseph was evicted that Taylor and Monte grew close.

“Oh, I was miserable [after Joseph left],” Taylor told People. “Joseph really was my rock, my sanity. He didn’t need to be in the beginning. So knowing that my initial assumption about Joseph not turning on me was true, had I known circumstances were different, I probably would not have ended up in a second temporary showmance.”

Based on her press interviews, Taylor has no regrets regarding her showmance with Monte. But she admitted that had she known that Joseph stayed loyal to her, Taylor wouldn’t have started something with Monte. Rejoice, “Jaylor” shippers!


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Taylor and Monte are over after the ‘Big Brother 24’ finale, but there’s hope for Taylor and Joseph

Taylor has stated numerous times that her romantic relationship with Monte is dead. Meanwhile, Monte has been vaguer about their future. He even told Entertainment Weekly that he’s “open-minded to wherever [the showmance] goes” in the future.

However, Taylor and Joseph appear to be spending a lot of time together in the days following the Big Brother 24 finale. And during her interview with People, Taylor said, “I truly have such a soft spot for [Joseph], and I’m hopeful that whether we’re friends or something more, we’re going to be deeply, deeply connected forever now.”

Perhaps Taylor did leave the game with $800,000, a cruise, and a romance, even though it’s not with Monte.

All episodes of Big Brother 24 are available to stream on Paramount+.