‘Big Brother 24’: Turner Admits Monte Made a ‘Blunder’ by Evicting Him

Big Brother fans have seen houseguests make fatal mistakes right before the final two multiple times over the seasons. Some last Head of Household winners misread the jury, evict the person they would have won against, and end up losing to the player they underestimated. And that’s exactly what happened in the Big Brother 24 finale when Monte Taylor evicted Matthew Turner.

Matthew Turner, who came in third place in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, wears a black button-up shirt with neon red and yellow roses on it over a black shirt and jeans.
Matthew Turner | Photo: Courtesy of Shawn Laws O’Neil

Monte evicted Turner in the ‘Big Brother 24’ finale

Monte won part one of the final HOH competition of Big Brother 24, and Turner won part two. The two houseguests faced off in part three during the finale, and Monte came out on top. Since Turner and Taylor Hale were the only players in the game, they were automatically on the eviction block.

Monte stood in front of them in the living room and said, “I love and respect the both of you so much, so you know how hard this decision is gonna be for me. When I look at my resume, the only thing that I can think that the jury sees missing is a big move made. So today, I feel like this is my opportunity to make that big move. Turner, I’m sorry, but I have to evict you, brother.”

After Turner joined the jury, they asked the final two a few questions, and Monte and Taylor gave their finale speeches; it was time to vote for the Big Brother 24 winner. In an 8-1 vote, the jury crowned Taylor the champion. Turner was the only one who voted for Monte.

The third place finisher shares where Monte went wrong

During an interview with Us Weekly, Turner shared his reaction to Monte evicting him in the Big Brother 24 finale.

“I would’ve taken him,” Turner admitted. “When I asked him the question or whatever, I was like, ‘With you evicting me, why do you expect my vote?’ And he said, ‘Well, I found out you had a final two with Kyle [Capener], and then that changed everything.’ I know that was his filler answer. That wasn’t the case. We had talked about that extensively.”

He continued, “As far as the jury told me, he would’ve done a lot better if he just took me to the end. I didn’t expect that, but my jury management was awful, so I understand it. But with that being said, as Monte would say, it was a blunder, and I think he could have won if he was against me because people did not love my gameplay. I don’t even know how you get the jury to like you. I tried my best.”

Despite everything, Turner isn’t mad at Monte. And in the end, he was the only one who thought Monte should have been the winner.

Would Monte have really won if he brought Turner to the final 2 in ‘Big Brother 24’?

Based on jury segments and the Big Brother 24 jury round table, it’s clear that Monte would have won in a landslide if he had brought Turner to the final two.

Multiple jurors were bitter about how Turner played the game, despite his “big” moves. And many believe that Turner’s resume was crafted by other people in his alliance.

Monte played a better social game than Turner, but Taylor played a better social game than Monte. And Monte’s “blunder” will likely be his Big Brother legacy.

All episodes of Big Brother 24 are now streaming on Paramount+.

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